Monday, November 29, 2010

Review on Rojukiss Whitening Range: STIM White CELL

If you still remember, I've received some samples of Rojukiss whitening range: STIM White CELL from The Confirm Trading for review some time back. I have tried it for more than 28 days and here, I would like to share some info about these products and my reviews about them.

Info aboutRojukiss Whitening Range: STIM White CELL:

 The products that I'm going to review are Rojukiss STIM White CELL Natural Serum Brown Tone 
Rojukiss STIM White CELL Natural Serum Light Tone, 
and Rojukiss STIM White CELL Natural Daily UV Scatter Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++.

 I will first review on both Rojukiss STIM White CELL Natural Serum Brown tone and Light tone.

Info about the serums:

How the products look like? :
Both are colourless liquid-like and they look the same. But in terms of texture, the serum for brown tone has a lighter and more watery texture as compared to the serum for light tone.
See how they work! :
 Both serums spread out easily and got absorbed into my skin immediately. It did not leave any greasy or sticky feeling on my skin. Both serums have the same floral scent and the smell is quite nice! I did not experience any negative reactions to these serums. The serums worked wonders on my scars. See the result below. :))
The serum costs $59.90 for 30ml.

Next to review is the Rojukiss STIM White CELL Natural Daily UV Scatter Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++.

Info about this sunblock:

How does the product look like? : 
 It is white in colour with a watery texture.

See how it works! :
 You will be able to notice that the texture is watery kind and it is really easy to spread out on my skin.

After spreading evenly, it leaves a slight glossy look on my skin with very slight greasy feeling.

After a while, the sunblock gets fully absorbed into my skin and no more greasy feeling.

This sunblock has a strong floral scent and I'm surprised that at SPF 50 PA+++, the texture of this sunblock did not feel too thick and could be absorbed into my skin rather fast. However, when I use this sunblock together with the serum, I feel that it makes my skin too rich and it leaves a sticky feeling. However, if used alone, this sunblock is really good.
This sunblock costs $39.00 for 50ml.

The result for this range is tested and proven on my acne scars. It works! It brightens up my skin too! 
I'm a happy girl after seeing the results! :))

Here's the whole set for this whitening range. There are also the cleansing foam, day cream and night cream.

Can you believe it? They have the same kind for men too!!! Cool!

Hope you have found this review useful for you. :))

I am not affiliated to The Confirm Trading or Rojukiss. Reviews published here are based on my own experiences and opinions.

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