Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review on KATE Gel Eye Shadow

I've bought KATE Gel Eye Shadow in white some time ago as I wanted something with lots of shimmers *blings on my eyes*

I find this gel eyeshadow really interesting that I want to share about it. KATE cosmetics has been made available in Singapore since mid July 2010 and their eye shadow is selling at an affordable price of $14.50.

Let us welcome KATE Gel Eye Shadow to my playground! Whee!~

Let's see how the inside looks like.
What can you tell from the picture above?

Here's the swatch.
WOW! *Bling Bling* I like it! :))

My thoughts:
This gel eye shadow comes in a form that is like wobbly jelly type but it is not as slippery as real jelly and it won't slide out from it's container. ^_^ When I first open it , I was very surprise with the form of this eye shadow and I find it really interesting. It's my first time trying eye shadow that's looks like jelly and feels like jelly. Anyways, this eye shadow is very smooth, it's pigmented and it spreads out well on my eyelids without any falling glitters. I also love just how this eye shadow is able to provide me with long-lasting wear. Thumbs up!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! :))


  1. I have this in 2 different colors and boy, for the price I paid for, this is good stuffs, seriously! Love it totally!

    Nice review! :)

  2. What colours did you get?

    Thanks for the compliment! :)


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