Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sally Hansen Workshop Cum Giveaway!

Dear lovelies,

I am always excited and full of joy whenever I could find time to blog and share beauty related knowledge with all of you! I am also grateful for everyone's continuous support for my humble blog. Love ya all!

A few weeks ago, I received Sally Hansen's invitation for their workshop to learn about how we can better care for our nails. Truthfully speaking, I am one who does not spend time and effort to care about the conditions of my nails, so naturally, I do not have beautifully shaped and polished nails but thanks to this Sally Hansen workshop, I learnt more about their products and the appropriate ways to take care of my nails. =)

The workshop began with the instructor teaching us how to choose suitable nail shape based on our finger shape, length and the size of our nail bed. It is a lot of knowledge to decide the right nail shape, so it is best to consult an expert, a manicurist or google about it in order to pick your perfect nail shape. (*I'm sorry, I'm not an expert to advice.)

Next, it is about the correct ways to file our nails so as to prevent damaging the nails.

 I learnt that we have to hold the nail file firmly and always file the nail in one direction instead of filing up and down in two directions. 

Final result:

We also learnt the right ways to use the brush to pick up the appropriate amount of nail polish.
1) Roll the nail polish bottle between your palms to warm up the nail polish within.
2) Lift up the brush, swirl the brush in the bottle then lift it near to the tip of the bottle and flit the brush left and right to ensure that every bristle is coated with the nail polish before applying to the nail. 

Next, we learnt about the application of nail polish and how to choose the correct shade for your nails.
1) Always start painting from the little finger and other fingers then move to the thumb.
2) Look at your little finger, it you have small nail bed, go for lighter nail polish shade and for bigger nail bed, you can opt for darker nail polish shade.
3) For light nail polish shade, you need 3 coats and for dark nail polish shade, 2 coats will be sufficient.

For people with weaker nails, Sally Hansen is well known for products to take care of your nails and cuticles.

For people who have extreme dry nail and cuticles, I am excited to share about the Sally Hansen's Moisture Rehab (S$19.90).

This is an effective intensive care for severely dry and dehydrated nails and cuticles. It is a lightweight serum that dries clear and leave the nails and cuticles conditioned, hydrated and stronger. Apply to the nails, cuticles and under the nails and massage it gently for the serum to be thoroughly absorbed. 

  The Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure (S$23.50) is also another highly recommended product.

This product has an exclusive micro-mineral formula that fills in cracks to instantly strengthen and reinforce nails and you can get up to 50% stronger nails in 5 days. It prevents the peeling and cracking of nails and it helps to seal the nail plate and bond the layers together.

For nails that grow longer and bend because it's too thin, Sally Hansen's Miracle Nail Thickener (S$23.50) is here to help.

This is an advance thickening treatment targeting soft, thin and ridge nails. It has an exclusive calcium and ceramic gel formula to reinforce and smooth nails. You can expect up to 70% thicker nails in 4 days.

To thoroughly care for our nails, here are the steps just like how we care for the skin on our face.

Sally Hansen had also improved their brush quality such that the brush is now firm enough for easier coating of the nails and it is also easier to draw straight lines to create the nail art effect.  

I hope this post is useful for people looking for effective products to strengthen your nails and learnt about the correct techniques for proper nail polish application. I know there's a lot more knowledge about nails but I hope this post gives some enlightening in a simple way.

Thank you Sally Hansen for having me at your event! ^_^

Lastly, Sally Hansen had also kindly prepared 10 goodie bags for giveaway!  

Giveaway set includes: 
 1 x Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab
2 x Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Colours (random colours)
1 x $5 off voucher

Rules to participate:
1. Like our Instagram @SimYvonne and @SallyHansensg.
2. Like my post on Instagram.
3. Comment on my Instagram post and tag your friends.
4. Multiple entries allowed.
5. Open to my followers residing in Singapore only.
6. Giveaway ends on 6 June 2019.
7. 10 winners will be randomly selected.

Good luck to all participants!


Saturday, March 30, 2019

Review & Giveaway: Project B Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide 5,000mg

Hi lovelies,

In today's post, I will be sharing my review for Project B's Collagen peptide.
Project B - B for Bare /bɛː/ is a health supplement company based in Asia that emphasizes on being Bare and transparent in their product development process.

Project B Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide 5,000mg is concentrated with 10 extracts under the trademark proprietary blend of COLL10+. This product utilizes high quality collagen peptide imported from Italy and the product formula is developed by researcher Dr Iko for over 26 months and further endorsed by a few pharmacists.

This product comes in a powder formula to be dissolved in water or taken with food or yogurt.
Due to the low molecular weight of this collagen, studies have shown as high as 95% reaches the circulation system and absorption is observed within hours of consumption, allowing it to reach the deep skin cell layers.  

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Food Review: Poon Confectionery's Chinese New Year Goodies by CNY Delivery

Hi lovelies,

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! It is the time for celebration, house visiting, feasting, indulgence and perhaps, physical rest for some.

In the chinese culture, Chinese New Year is not complete without some tasty traditional goodies, am I right? Having CNY goodies at home is a common practice and childhood memory for many Chinese families in Singapore. 

Lately, I tasted a brand that sells homemade CNY goodies and would like to share about their CNY goodies. 

First up is their Golden Pillow Pineapple Tarts. 

In the chinese culture, pineapple tart is a must have as it represents prosperity and wealth. The golden pillow shape is also a representation of gold bar which makes this an auspicious CNY goody to have. In terms of taste, this pineapple tart is highly raved in my family and everyone loves it. It has a soft buttery crust that melts in the mouth. The filling is made of real pineapple fruit and of appropriate level of sweetness that made us unable to stop at one. This is just too tasty and addictive! Highly recommended!

My rating: 4.5/5

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