Friday, September 7, 2018

Review: ZNIQUE Acne Serum

Hi lovelies,

Some time back, I was introduced to ZNIQUE Acne Serum.
It is the 1st All-In-One Acne Serum based on Swiss Expertise, formulated based on natural ingredients to provide a gentle yet effective solution to combat Acne woes.
Clinically proven to reduce bacteria growth as early as 2 hours!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Review: 78 Alkofelic, Singapore’s First and Only Coffee Cocktail Bar

Dear lovelies,

78 Alkofelic, a newly opened coffee cocktail bar arrived in Singapore!
The name "Alkofelic" plays with the word "alcoholic" and "coffee". 7 and 8 are favourite numbers of the owners. 

This bar offers a menu of classic and signature alcoholic coffee cocktails, premium coffee brews, a selection of teas and cold-pressed juices, and comfort food.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Review: JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion

Dear lovelies,

Have you ever been troubled by back acne? Or looking for a solution to improve your back acne condition?

Some time ago, I was introduced to a product called Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion, which is the best-selling body lotion from Korea, containing nutritive ingredients, specially formulated to target stubborn acne on our body.

Do you know?
One of the keys to a beautiful skin is having a healthy balance of oil and water content in our skin, to enable our skin tissue to do the essentials: to be a barrier, absorber, eliminator and regenerator.

In this product, there is cypress oil extract to sooth sensitive skin and provide relief for the overactive sebum glands that cause the skin to be oily and more prone to acne. Cypress oil extract also contains antiseptic properties to help speed up healing of the skin.
Furthermore, Ceramide NP and hyaluronic acid in this product protect the skin from external irritation and enhance the moisture level in our skin.

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