Sunday, June 24, 2018

Food Review: Leeu SG at The Esplanade Mall

Dear lovelies,

Great to know about a newly opened homegrown artisanal ice-cream shop called Leeu.
The store was named after Singapore's national animal, the lion, and Leeu means “lion” in Afrikaans (a language in South Africa).

Leeu's creation is infused with the best of Singapore’s excellence and vibrancy such as their Merlion Ice Pop and durian flavoured Esplanade Ice Cream.

Leeu's ice cream is churned and hand-crafted using top-grade ingredients in small batches daily to ensure quality and retain as much of its flavour.

As a dessert lover, I was excited to try their specialties.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Food Review: 王师傅 Master Wang The Legendary La Mian Master; Xiao Long Bao & Dimsum Buffet

Hi lovelies,

I dined at 王师傅 The Legendary La Mian Master restaurant recently, a place known for handmade La Mian and Xiao Long Bao, and I had their promotional buffet set which is available till 30 April 2018.

Their buffet set offers unlimited orders of:
1) 4 different flavours of Xiao Long Bao [Traditional, Cheese, Clam, Crab]
2) Shanghai Siew Mai
3) Banana Roll
4) Steam Bun
5) Spring Roll
6) Samosa
7) Seaweed with Enoki Mushroom
8) Bean Paste with Chicken Cubes
9) Spicy Black Fungus
10) Limit to 2 x Kurobuta Xiao Long Bao per pax
11) Free 1 x Lamian with Scallion/ Zhajiang Mian/ Mala Sweet Potato Noodles

Friday, February 16, 2018

Review: Loacker New Chocolates

Hi lovelies,

I received a V-day box from the lovely people of Loacker.
When we think of the brand Loacker, I believe most people would associate the brand with their crispy wafer biscuits.
But this time round, Loacker is going to change our perspectives with their newly launched product! Can't wait to share more about it! Read on!

A pleasant surprise to see a heart-shaped balloon with my name on it as it floated out of the box.

Thank you Loacker for showering me with love!

The highlights in this set of items are the Loacker 60% Dark Chocolate and Wafer, Loacker 38% Milk Chocolate and Wafer, and the Loacker White Chocolate and Wafer.

For these newly launched products, the generous amount of chocolate fully coats the wafer. 

Every piece contains its own core of wafer, you can experience pure chocolate and wafer pleasure a bite at a time! 

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