Sunday, June 24, 2018

Food Review: Leeu SG at The Esplanade Mall

Dear lovelies,

Great to know about a newly opened homegrown artisanal ice-cream shop called Leeu.
The store was named after Singapore's national animal, the lion, and Leeu means “lion” in Afrikaans (a language in South Africa).

Leeu's creation is infused with the best of Singapore’s excellence and vibrancy such as their Merlion Ice Pop and durian flavoured Esplanade Ice Cream.

Leeu's ice cream is churned and hand-crafted using top-grade ingredients in small batches daily to ensure quality and retain as much of its flavour.

As a dessert lover, I was excited to try their specialties.

We tried their Merlion Ice Pop, a strawberry and vanilla flavoured confection in the colours of our national flag and endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board. On the support for eating healthily, this Merlion Ice Pop is specially made to be less sweet without compromising on the flavour.

The taste of this ice pop is great and worth complimenting. Thumbs up for the delicious fruity, ripple ice cream taste! 

Another of their signature item on the menu is the Esplanade ice cream crafted from fresh durian. 
Singapore's only durian-shaped ice cream moulded in the image of the iconic Esplanade.

The top cream gave a flavourful durian touch with a lighter durian flavoured ice-cream in the interior sitting on a tasty pie crust.

Other eye-catching items on their menu include the striking pink and blue hued Fish Tail Soft Serve made from health-food Blue Majik and delicious Japanese Fish Waffles made fresh on-site.

Their Fish Tail Soft Serve was delicious and could definitely satisfy the taste buds of a dessert lover.
Smooth and milky soft serve that is not too sweet with a fluffy interior yet crispy exterior waffle, combining with the sweetness of red bean and chewy mochi within. This dessert is definitely a blend of all the great taste in one, a highly recommended dessert to get!

Looking for a refreshing drink in Singapore's hot weather? Their soda floats are great for consideration.

The vividly red berry peach soda The Red Dot, the cheery orange-hued Yuzu lemon ginger soda The Zouk Out Cure, the azure-coloured and lychee-flavoured Sentosa Breeze, the fragrant pandan-infused Old Timer and the flavourful taro drink The Purple Fantasy are what Leeu has to offer on their menu.

If you love a creamy pandan fragrant drink topped with smooth beancurd, I recommend their Old-Timer drink.
If you are a Taro-fan, opt for their Purple Fantasy, super-tasty and no regret having it!
If you love something carbonated that gives a tingling on the tongue, try their soda float, a perfect cooling drink for a hot weather!

Leeu is established by this dynamic husband-and-wife team Jenn Wei Yeo and Valerie Liu after their safari adventure to Africa, and they decided to start a brand that paid homage to the lion and the city-state of Singapore that the lion proudly represented. 

Leeu SG is located at The Esplanade Mall, #02-07. Its opening hours are 12pm to 10pm daily.

Instagram page: @leeusg

Visit Leeu and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings today!

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