Sunday, December 3, 2017

7-Eleven “J-Treats Arrival” is Back for the Second Time this Year with more Japanese Snacks!

Hi lovelies,

Welcome back the second wave to satisfy our Japanese snacks craze!
Look at all the delicious Japanese goodies that we can get our hands on! 

This range of 15 well-loved Japanese snacks are available at selected 7-Eleven stores from now till January 2018!

Enjoy the convenience of picking up your favourite Japanese snacks from selected 7-Eleven store in Singapore 24/7!
There are a variety of snacks that run the gamut from sweet to savoury such as instant ramen that come in a special jumbo size, fruit gummies, crackers and yoghurt sweets.

Other than the 15 new Japanese snacks available at selected 7-Eleven stores, the “J-Treats Arrival” campaign will see exciting games and sampling taking place at selected 7-Eleven stores every weekend of this campaign. 

Customers can participate in a game of catching vouchers in a Cash Flow machine. The vouchers can be used to redeem free J-Treats or 7-Eleven collectible plushies. 

The weekend schedule and locations of the Cash Flow machines will be updated on Facebook page:

Grab your yummilicious Japanese snacks and enjoy them now!

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