Sunday, September 10, 2017

Review: Mist Eyebrow Embroidery at The Best Beauty Centre

Hi lovelies,

I went for my eyebrow embroidery session at The Best Beauty Centre recently.
I will be sharing my experience in this post. 

Final result of my eyebrow embroidery:

My previous eyebrow embroidery had lasted me for a good 2 years. 
Although the embroidery is still lightly visible on my brows but it had faded much and it is time for me to do a new eyebrow embroidery.

In the photo below, I have zero makeup on and you can see that my previous eyebrow embroidery had turned much lighter in shade.

The first step that my beautician did was to trim my eyebrows.

Neatly trimmed eyebrows make me look more energetic, am I right?

Next, my beautician starts designing my eyebrows.
This step is very important in ensuring that the eyebrows designed fit my face shape. It is also for my beautician to determine the intensity of strokes that she will be doing for the embroidery process later.

With the right side of my eyebrow drawn, you can can notice that a well designed eyebrow does makes a difference to a person's appearance.

My meticulous beautician did several touch-ups to ensure that my eyebrows were properly designed and I am impress with her professionalism.

I had numbing cream on my eyebrows for 30 minutes before the embroidery process.

My beautician did the embroidery stroke by stroke, to achieve as natural looking brows as possible. During the whole process, I did not experience any sense of pain as my eyebrows and the areas around it were numbed.

Check out my eyebrows! Perfectly done by my beautician! Love the result so much!

Final trimming of my eyebrows and I am good to go!

No need to draw my eyebrows anymore!
I only had eyeliner, light blusher and lipstick on, and I am all ready!
I love the result of my eyebrow embroidery!

Thank you The Best Beauty Centre for the eyebrow transformation!

If you are interested in their services, you may checkout the details on their website:

Thanks for reading!


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