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KARMART Asian Beauty Blogger Contest 2017 Top 3 Winners!

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I am so sorry for being late in blogging this. 
I just wanted to share the winners for this year's KARMART Asian Beauty Blogger Contest (ABBC) and the scenes during the day of the announcement of the Top 3 winners.
Hope this post is still useful to you in some extent.

Held annually, Karmart Asian Beauty Blogger Contest (ABBC) aims to crown the Best Asian Beauty Blogger among 10 different countries. These 10 countries will first individually organize a local competition to crown the best beauty blogger representative. Then each country will send a representative to compete for Karmarts Grand Championship in Bangkok. The Grand Champion will receive prizes worth over 200,000 THB and stand a chance to be featured in various Thailand leading magazines.

For the competition in Singapore, the 3 top winners have emerged! They are.....
*Drum rolls*

Geraldine Low Ming En emerging as the Grand Champion.

Annamae Diana won the 1st Runner Up position.

Kimmie Ye Shu Qi won the 2nd Runner Up position.

Congratulations to all of them as they put in a lot of creativity and hard work to showcase KARMART products through video making and they went through several rounds of competition to be crowned local Top 3.

During the event, we were also introduced to KARMART beauty products through makeup and hair demonstrations.

Shown above are most of KARMART's brand- CathyDoll's latest products. I will be sharing on some of the products which were introduced to us during the makeup demonstration.

The model's half face was initially already done and the makeup artist demonstrated the results of the makeup products on the other half of her face.

One amazing product which was used on the model's face was this CathyDoll Sculpting Cushion that comes with highlight and bronzer.

In the photo below, the makeup artist applied the Sculpting Cushion to the model's face and the results of the highlight and bronzer were very subtle. It gave a very natural look while it did help to define the facial features.

The highlight helps to brighten the appearance of the skin but it does not contain shimmers. This highlight is great for people who wants to achieve an almost natural makeup look without looking like a glitterball. The bronzer is also not too intense in shade, which is perfect for beginners to work on and learn the art of contouring.

Another eye catching makeup item used was this CatheyDoll Eyebrow Stamp.
If I remember correctly, there are a total of 4 shades and there are different eyebrow arches to choose from.

The application seemed really simple when demonstrated by the makeup artist.
We were taught to rub the sponge applicator a few times against the compact eyebrow powder to ensure that the sponge applicator is fully coated.

The first application is always darker in shade and we were taught to stamp it on the back of our hand to remove some of the eyebrow powder before stamping onto our brows if we would like a lighter shade for the eyebrows.

Once we are sure of the intensity of the shade, we can angle the sponge applicator and stamp it directly onto our eyebrows.

Next, we have to check and touch up with an eyebrow pencil if needed.

The next item is the CathyDoll Nude Me Eyeshadow Palette. They have 3 different palettes and all the palettes contain wearable colours ranging from base colours to matte and glitter shades.
The eyeshadow colours were easy to pick up and apply to the eyelids, and easy to blend too!

The last makeup item that won me over is the CathyDoll Nude Me Liquid Lip Matte Lipsticks.
The colour payoff is really strong! It is creamy in texture yet it does not smudge easily and even after food, most of the colour still remain.

For the last segment of the demonstration, we were taught how to create a simple waterfall braid.

I have seriously tried doing this hairstyle on myself but I failed. 
It is not as easy as it seems but I will continue to try. Practice makes perfect!

Just a shoutout for Geraldine as we wish her best of luck in her competition in Thailand.
For more updates on Geraldine’s journey for Karmart ABBC Grand Finals in Bangkok, please visit Karmart Facebook at

KARMART products are available for sale online at, and
Customers can get Cathy Doll products located at BHG stores in the ALT section. 

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