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#LoveYourself Collagen Day Party by Kinohimitsu

Dear lovelies,

On 28 April, I attended the Collagen Day Party organized by Kinohimitsu with the theme #LoveYourself.

At the event, we had free-flow collagen drinks, complimentary Superfood+ desserts, personalized skin analysis, collagen-infused hand mask beauty treats by Auum Honest Nail Spa, and created my very own collagen mocktail drink with Kinohimitsu’s range of collagen drinks.

These desserts were created by White Ombre using Kinohimitsu Superfood+ as one of the ingredients. 
Superfood+ is a nutritional beverage comprising of 7 colours whole plant-based ingredients added with prebiotics, lutein, spirulina and other potent ingredients. Superfood+ offers multiple benefits such as: 
 • Promote eyes, brain and skin health 
 • Provide sustained energy release 
• Cholesterol-lowering effect 
• Managing body weight 
• Boost immunity 
 • Delay ageing process 
 • Strengthen bone and teeth 
• Improve gastrointestinal health 
• Balance nutrients for total well-being

All the desserts tasted really delicious, not losing out in taste as compared to desserts that are full of sugar and calories. Thumbs up for healthier desserts!

During the event, we got to find out more about the various collagen drinks available under Kinohimitsu and their efficacy.

Read on to find out more about their highly popular, award winning Star products.

This Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond drink is proven to be an effective anti-ageing agent with its 5300mg of Collagen Peptide, it is specifically cater to help restore youthfulness, resilience and radiance to mature skin. Collagen Peptide boasts a shorter molecular structure that gets it absorbed more easily by our skin.

I personally tried this drink as Kinohimitsu sent me 3 bottles to try prior to this event and after I consumed it, I noticed that my skin plumped up and looked hydrated, even my pores appeared smaller. I love the results observed on my skin after consuming it!

Another of their popular collagen drink is the Kinohimitsu Beauty BB drink.
This functional and instant drink helps to restore your skin's natural glow and clarity. It helps to brighten tired-looking complexion, making way for blushing, luminous and vibrant skin!

I have tried this BB drink before. I love its fruity taste and the results of my skin after consuming it. After the first consumption, I get pretty quick results of overall smoother and brighter skin. 

Kinohimitsu Diamond Nite drink helps our skin to remove toxins that cause cells ageing and ensures repairing and renewal process take place. It shows visible improvement on skin and sleep quality.

Kinohimitsu Collagen Men drink is the FIRST ever collagen drink specifically catered to satisfy the needs of men's skin. Infused with 5300mg of Collagen Pepetide as well as excellent moisturising ingredients, Kinohimitsu Collagen Men Drink aids in plumping up skin, smoothing fine lines, regulating sebum secretion, healing facial scars and restoring youthful vitality to the skin. 
You can look forward to clearer, smoother, and visibly lifted skin in just 6 days!

At the event, I created my special mocktail with my preferred choice of collagen drink added to fruit juice. I learned that to boost the effectiveness of collagen it is best consumed with fruit juice, so now I always consume my collagen with Ribena or apple juice.

My special mocktail with Apple juice added.

We had collagen overdose at the event, but who cares? Cheers to youthful, beautiful skin!

Kinohimitsu has numerous other health products other than collagen drinks. 
You can read more about their products from their website:

We received beautiful flowers from Smile Floral.

Part of the items I received in my goodie bag. 
I love the rainbow colours and calligraphy wordings on the #LoveYourself box!

Check out my haul! 
I love Kinohimitsu collagen drinks, so take my money! 
(All fully paid with my own cash, not sponsored.)

Yes, I also consume the Collagen Men drink because of my acne skin condition. 
This drink helps in the healing of my skin when I get acne breakouts and scarring.
The Collagen Diamond helps me to achieve skin clarity and lightening of skin pigmentation.

That's all for my post, thank you for reading to the end.

Lots of love,
Instagram and Twitter: @SimYvonne 

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  1. Have been drinking this collagen product as per the serving suggestion for almost a month now and I would say it's working well! Great taste


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