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Food and Heritage Tour at Little India with Monster Day Tours

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Lately, I had the opportunity to re-explore my lovely country that is full of multi-racial heritages and cultures. I jumped on the chance to visit Little India with Monster Day Tours (a local tour agency in Singapore).

This tour that I joined is a food and heritage tour guided by registered tour guides Dani and Yap.

Hello to my tour guide, Dani!

Monster Day Tours has a tagline of 'Go BIG Or Go HOME!' 
Hence our guides were dressed in traditional Indian costumes and we were on this journey to explore Little India with a local touch and tasted up to 11 types of food!

Little India has beautiful wall murals that truly depict the history of Little India and the Indian culture.

On this wall, we see the Indians' sacred animal, the Oxen, with an artistic presentation.
Along the road where this mural is, we were introduced to the history of Little India. 
In the past, milk men used to bring their cows along this road in the early morning and shouted "Milk! Milk! Who wants milk?" Customers will come down with their cans and they got freshly squeezed milk directly from the cows.

There are a lot of beautiful wall murals in Little India. 
You have to visit Little India and explore the place. Or, if you want to learn more about history, culture and heritage, you can join Monster Day Tours. They have free walking tours, you can check their website for schedules:

Our next stop is this colourful building. This is the Residence of Tan Teng Niah, one of the last surviving Chinese villas in Little India.

Dani enthusiastically giving us more information about this place. 
The structural design of this building includes Chinese, Indian and European styles. You have to make a stop here at Little India to marvel at the structures and designs of this building.

Next, we went up a HDB building in Little India and got a 360 degree bird's eye view of  Little India.

If you do look closely, you can see a Chinese Temple, a Church and a Mosque just in a close vicinity of Little India.

Dani shared that this is the current cricket training field in Little India but in the past, it is a horse racing course, hence the road name Race Course Road in Little India.

While at Little India, we surely cannot miss out on some of the sunset trades. These are one of the highlights at Little India and Dani will share more details about these sunset trades during the tour.

While at Little India, the colours, workmanship and designs of Indian costumes are sure to interest us.
Look at all the beautiful cloths for making sarees. 

In the photos above, we have the Northern Indian costume on the left and Southern Indian costume on the right. Why are their costumes different? That's yours to find out! ^_^

For our breakfast, we visited Komala Vilas Vegetarian Restaurant which was also the place that our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong brought Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi for a meal when his Honour visited Singapore.

We had scrumptious dishes at Komala Vilas Vegetarian Restaurant together with Masala Teh Terik and Bandung (rose syrup milk drink with Indian spices).

We had our food using hands and experienced the authentic way of how Indians have their Poori and Dosai and tea.

This Masala tea has a very nice flavour and it tasted very refreshing with the spices in it. Super good!

After our meals, we chewed on some spices like how the Indians do after a meal for fresh breath.

Check out Project Oasis while in Little India as it displayed the colours and vibrancy of the Indian culture.

One of our tour mates daringly strike a pose on top of a sturdy art piece.

Our group photo in front of another colourful, striking piece of wall mural.

This wall mural is so beautiful that I needed an individual shot with it!

As part of the Heritage Festival, there are displays of various designs of cloths used for making Indian costumes, a stage set up for live cultural performances like Indian musics and dances, so be sure to visit Little India!

For our next stop, we tried traditional Indian sweets. 
I have sweet tooth, so this is definitely one of my favourite stops! 

Dani gave us introduction to the different sweets, their ingredients and how they were made. 
I definitely learned a lot from this tour!

I also noticed beautiful tiles on the wall while we were moving off to our next location.

Our last stop is the Tekka Centre, one of the oldest hawker centre in Singapore.

Look how everyone was attentively listening to Dani share about Tekka Centre and what you can find in this place. For a genuine feel of the local lifestyle, Tekka Centre is one of the must-visit places.

There are many delicacies in Tekka Centre but you won't know which stall to visit unless you frequent the place.
Yap (our second tour guide) tried most of the food here just to bring us the best dishes. The dishes ranges from India dishes like Indian Rojak to Malay dishes like Mee Rebus. We had a spread of food. What you see from the photo below are just some of the dishes we had.

We had an exploding tummy at the end of this tour but it was definitely a satisfying tour.
We learned so much more about Little India and tried amazing food through this tour!

I recommend locals and tourists to join this tour and see Singapore in a greater depth.

*I am not paid to write this post and do not benefit in any way but I really love sharing good things.

Monster Day Tours have free walking tours in Singapore, you can find out more from their website:

Lots of love,
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