Sunday, April 23, 2017

Food Review: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® New Gourmet Dishes and Mexican Chocolate Drinks

Hi lovelies,

My sisters and I visited The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Suntec City outlet (East wing near the Fountain). We tried some of their new dishes on menu and also their new Mexican Chocolate drinks which debut till 24 May 2017 only.

We love the layout and ambience of this place. This place was peaceful even though the crowds started to come in after we settled down but they were not loud or rowdy. 
We were happy to enjoy our lovely meal at this outlet.

Chilling while waiting for the food to arrive.
Yeah, long weekends should be enjoyed like this!

The drink that I had was the Mexican Chocolate Latte.
(Small: $7 Regular: $7.70 Large: $8.20)

A balanced blend between The Coffee Bean’s premium espresso, rich Mexican chocolate and earthy Cinnamon spice, all the flavours fuse together to form an aromatic enchantment in a cup.
I highly recommend everyone to try this drink! You are sure to be captivated by the blend of flavours with the rich chocolate taste. A satisfactory treat for chocolate and coffee lovers!
This beverage debuts till 24 May 2017.

In the chilled version, you can order their Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended® Drink.
(Small: $7 Regular: $8 Large: $9)

If you love cold drinks, I recommend you to pick up this smooth and enticing rich flavour Ice Blended® drink! The ice are smoothly blended and rich in the Mexican Chocolate taste that will certainly surprise and delight you. This is an awesomely delicious beverage!
This beverage debuts till 24 May 2017.

We had their Smoked Chicken Salad ($11.90), the Mediterranean Sandwich ($13.90), Avocado Tuna Melt ($13.90), and Honey Mustard Chicken ($10.50).

The taste of this Smoked Chicken Salad reminded us of Australia. 
Fresh salad and smoked chicken breast prepared with a palatable sesame dressing, every mouth of it left us wanting for more! Very scrumptious!

Bountiful greens, cherry tomatoes, cranberries and almond flakes topped off with a palatable sesame dressing. We love the sweet cranberry, fresh greens, almond flakes and sesame dressing!

This Mediterranean Sandwich is another of our favourite dish.
This dish features Vienna bread, tomatoes, feta cheese spinach, eggs topped with hollandaise sauce, turkey ham and a side of mushrooms. A spruce away from the usual Eggs Benedict serving style, this sandwich gave our tastebuds a pleasant surprise.

The creamy hollandaise sauce was fragrant in taste. With each mouth, there were bursts of different flavours which made us going for more of it. There were 2 sunny side-up in this sandwich which made us really happy since we are egg-lovers! The roasted mushrooms at the side complemented and helped to balance the flavours of this dish. Thumbs up!

Their Avocado Tuna Melt is made with Vienna buns with tuna and avocado mix, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and emmenthal cheese. 

Coupled with roasted potatoes topped with bacon bits, this heavenly combination of flavours thoroughly satisfies one while it fills one up with nutrients.We love the potatoes with bacon bits! This surely added brownie points to the dish. 

Another pleasant surprise dish in their new menu is the Honey Mustard Chicken.

The Honey Mustard Chicken features a heavier spice palette with shredded chicken breast immersed in honey mustard, mayonnaise, paprika, basil, salt and parsley, not forgetting tomatoes and lettuce. The side salad is exactly the same as the salad we had earlier. We like it so much that we happily cleared the plate. This mouth-watering blend is definitely a must try!

There is always room for desserts!
We had their Salted Caramel Cake ($6.90) and Mexican Chocolate Cake ($6.90).

If you like light flavoured, fluffy cake, we recommend the Salted Caramel Cake.
If you like rich chocolate cake and chocolate mousse, we recommend the Mexican Chocolate Cake.
If we can only pick one, we will definitely opt for the Mexican Chocolate Cake! Our fave!  

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is halal-certified.

Thanks for reading!

Much loves,

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