Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sample Store's Shoppers' Paradise at Waterway Point

Hi lovelies,

Last weekend I ended the influencers' lunch organised by Sample Store at Party Room, Waterway Point.

Party Room is spacious and brightly led, and I love its cheery playground theme with hot air balloon design which makes the place so cheerful! I think this venue is an awesome place to hold birthday parties, celebrations, children events and life events. 
The rates are reasonable and value for money too!

 While at the event, I had my tummy filled with Brunches cafe's food:
Check out their rainbow burger, so irresistibly pretty! Their food are acceptable in taste too!

After the influencers' event, I went to the atrium of Waterway Point to check out their Shoppers' Paradise event.

There was a gif and photo-taking booth at Shoppers' Paradise! 
It was fun when you have friends with you. 

At the Shoppers' Paradise event, I saw one of my favorite booths, Beauty Keeper!
Beauty Keeper constantly brings in quality Taiwan products to Singapore and make their products accessible to everyone who loves Taiwan products. Thank you Beauty Keeper!

I got some of their new products which I would like to share details about these products with you.

1. PHYTOPIA Stretch Marks Remover Synergy: 
Helps to enhance softness and smoothness of skin to improve appearance, reduce discoloration and reduce stretch marks.

2. STARSUKI Total Cleansing Eye and Lip Makeup Remover:
4x more nourishing and 7x more moisturizing, it is a cleanser and skin care in just one step!

3. LAMSAMYICK Facial Mask Beauty Brush:
Evenly spread facial mask product across the face, reaching even to smaller corners of the face. The brush can be used to remove the facial mask while at the same time helps to lift the skin.

4. ALL-BELLE'S Eyelashes:
Made of anti-bacteria Oxy-Fibre material and used medical grade Gamma rays to sterilize their products to meet safety requirements of SGS.

5. DESTINO Advanced Repairing Face Soap:
Rich in antioxidant to fight free radical, activate cells, repairs and restores skin damage due to environment. Designed for Sensitive skin with hypo-allergenic formula. 

Another booth which I was new to and it caught my attention was Padeve. 
Padeve produces premium sanitary pads and liners to keep us girls feeling refreshed throughout the day.

They have 4 products:
1. All Night (33cm in length)
2. Ultra Night (29cm in length)
3. Ultra Liners (18cm in length)
4. Ultra Day (24cm in length)

Features of the product:

1. Cooling and Refreshing
Enjoy the freshness and dryness while using it.

2. Smooth and Comfortable
Extra soft cotton surface to give the comfortable experience throughout the day.

3. Thin and Absorbent
Made with high quality, premium materials, they are ultra absorbent.

4. Pleasant Herbal Scent
No artificial scent or chemical used, natural herb used in the products

Each pad is made with 5 layers.
First is the super soft cottony surface.
Second is the ultra absorbent airlaid paper.
Third is the herbal powder and absorbent gel.
Fourth is the ultra absorbent airlaid paper again.
Fifth is the waterproof breathable backsheet.

Next, was the new refreshing Sparkling juice drinks from Juscool!

Juscool Sparkling drinks are lightly carbonated and made with real fruit juice. 
There are 6 juices to choose from, Juicy Apple, Luscious Grape, Fragrant Peach, Aromatic Yuzu, Zesty Passionfruit and Tangy Orange.

These drinks have been awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol by Singapore Health Promotion Board as the drinks contain 25% less sugar than regular carbonated drinks.

Juscool Sparkling drink is a thirst quencher and a great drink compliment for all kinds of dishes.

Lastly, the Otterbox's iPhone Symmetry Series Clear Case that protects against drops, dings and scratches.

Thank you Sample Store for having me!

Before I sign off, I want to share about an upcoming Beauty Show! 
Ticket price is S$10 but it is redeemable for products and you get to enjoy lots of benefits!

Thanks for reading!
See you!

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