Monday, December 5, 2016

Derma Dynamics Facial Review

Hi lovelies, 

Welcome to this blog post in which I am going to share about my facial experience at Derma Dynamics.

The skin care brands that Derma Dynamics uses are Sothys and Dermalogica, and I have huge faith in these brands as they have always worked well for my skin.

Before the start of my facial treatment, the therapist at Derma Dynamics checked my skin condition using this device that shine Ultraviolet light on my skin. The therapist then analysed and shared with me some of my skin concerns.

Next, I was led into the facial room to get changed.

For the start of the treatment, an essential oil was used to calm me down followed by some light massages. It was a very soothing experience and I was immediately at ease.

Ready for my facial treatment!

The second step was cleansing. I had sunblock applied on my skin that day and the therapist thoroughly and gently cleansed off all the residuals on the surface of my skin.

Next step was the exfoliation. My skin was much cleaner and appeared fairer after the exfoliation.

After my skin was thoroughly and properly cleansed, I went through the facial steaming process before extraction.

After steaming was done, my therapist was ready to help me with the clearing of my clogged pores. 
I had quite a lot of clogged pores around my cheeks and jawline areas but my therapist had extreme patience which I am thankful for. She took the time and effort to patiently help me clear all my clogged pores. I must also share that the therapist has excellent skills such that the extraction was bearable and I could nap through the process.

Done with my extraction and I am very satisfied with it! 
My skin flushed easily, hence it looked red but it can calm down rather quickly too.
My skin felt more "level" and smooth without the bumpy feeling of clogged pores. I am very pleased!

Next was the use of cooling rollers to calm my skin and reduce the redness of my skin.

After extraction was done, it was time for the skin to take in all the nutrients it needs.
My therapist applied Superfood on my skin and used a device to aid the penetration of the nutrients into deeper layers of my skin.

The next step was the application of skin care product accompanied with facial massage using their special device which I am not allowed to take photo. The massage process felt like a detoxifying cum face lifting massage. The whole process was really good and I felt so comfortable.

During the application of my collagen mask period, my therapist put on a leg massaging device which they called it the Happy Feet massage. I really adore this pampering treatment and the massage helped to boost blood circulation.

Check out the results of my skin after my facial treatment.
The top 2 photos were taken after the mask was removed.
The bottom 2 photos were taken after Sothys skin care products were applied to my skin as their finishing step. 

I am very happy with the whole treatment process and the results of my skin after that. I give both thumbs up for their treatment and services as I could feel their sincere care for my skin during the treatment process. My therapist also willingly and freely shared with me how I can better care for my skin. 
The most satisfactory part was that my skin remained hydrated and glowy for many days even after the treatment. The feeling of clog-free skin also kept me happy for a long time.

My rating: 5/5

 If you are keen to try Derma Dynamics, they have trial promotions. 
You can check out their promotions at

Opening hours: 
Monday - Saturday: 10.30am - 8pm 
Sunday: 10am - 6pm 

 Blk 283, #01-197B, Bishan Street 22, Singapore 570283 

 Tel: 6456 5633 

Thanks for reading my review and enjoy your heavenly treatment at Derma Dynamics!

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