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Watsons Event 2016: WatsOn-Trend

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It was my privilege once again to be able to attend Watsons' event and this time round, we had fun playing Escape in a room at Sofitel So while finding out more about newly launched products available at Watsons.

At this game station, we had to pick up slips of papers from the jar to find clues. The jars were filled with NIVEA Skin Delight Oil In Body Milk (available in 2 scents, Rose & Lavender)

 Available in two floral scent: Rose leaves behind a feminine fragrance trail, with healing and rejuvenating benefits while Lavender soothes and calms our senses. NIVEA Skin Delight Oil In Body Milk enwraps your skin in sensual floral scents and provides deep moisture for smooth, radiant skin. In an assessment study with 100 Singaporean women, 91% experienced smoother, softer skin even after 12 hours after application. 

I have been using this NIVEA Body Milk and I love how light-weight it feels on the skin and left my skin feeling so smooth and well moisturised. The gentle floral scent that lingers on my skin after application is also another attractive point of this product. I super adore this product!

My rating: 5/5

Retails at $7.90 (250ml) and $10.90 (400ml) at Watsons stores.

This is the Bausch+Lomb renu® fresh for Colour.

Bausch+Lomb renu® fresh for Colour is a multi-purpose solution which cleans, disinfects and removes proteins on your colour contact lenses, allowing for a more thorough cleansing. The solution contains poloxamine, a chemical wetting agent that helps to increase lens wettability – thus improving wearing comfort throughout the day. Bausch+Lomb renu® fresh for Colour is also pH-balanced and gentle to the eyes, making it suitable for daily use.

This is a must-have for colour contact lens as it cleanses the lenses very well and increase the lens wettability, making my contact lenses so much more comfortable to wear. I highly recommend it to people who wear colour contact lens. You will be won over by the goodness of this product!

My rating: 5/5

Available exclusively at selected Watsons stores in 355ml bottle ($13.20) and twin pack (2 x 355ml, $22.00).

At this station, we were introduced to the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil provides deep nourishment to hair, resulting in lustrous, silky locks that are easily managed. Enhanced with African Macadamia and Pomegranate oil, this lightweight and non-greasy formula allows for instant absorption and deep penetration of essential nutrients to the hair’s core.

This Dry Oil works like magic! It leaves my hair feeling smooth and smelling great yet without any greasiness or weighs down my hair. I love how manageable and easy to comb through my hair is after applying this Dry oil to my hair.

My rating: 5/5

The Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment retails for $19.90.

We received the clue to find a hand, which led us to ZA True White Ex Cushion Compact. At the station, we had to use the Cushion compact to find our next clue on the paper face.

Za True White Ex Cushion Compact is made in Korea, and it is designed to flawlessly cover imperfections and give the skin 8 hours of moisturizing effect. Infused with skin brightening ingredients - Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, the cushion compact helps to brighten skin and create a dewy, radiant finish. 

The cushion compact is travel-friendly, the packaging is small and light, and can be used on-the-go. Za True White Ex Cushion Compact is also enhanced with SPF30, and is available in 3 shades – Fair, Light and Natural

Available exclusively in Watsons and retails at $28.50 (primary pack); $20.50 (refill).

More launches of the Za cosmetics new colours can also be found at Watsons stores.

This station introduced the essano™ Rosehip products which smell like a bed of roses.

In the pouch is the essano™ Treat Your Skin Pack ($39.95)
Treat Your Pack offers five essential products in convenient travel sizes perfect for ladies on the go. Containing mini versions of Rosehip Oil, Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser, Regenerating Facial Moisturiser, Moisture Restorative Night Crème, and Intensive Hydrating Body Lotion, the pack assures an all-rounded skincare regime while travelling.

Featuring in the photo below are essano™’s Micellar Water ($24.95), Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser ($22.95) and the Exfoliator ($22.95).

essano™’s Micellar Water is a gentle cleanser which incorporates Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil to effectively cleanse the skin and soothe skin in just one step. Micelles are tiny, hard-working molecules that fight grime and are attracted to make-up, oil and impurities in the skin, lifting and dissolving them on contact to be swept away by cotton wool.

essano™’s Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser is soap-free. It is formulated with active natural botanical ingredients and certified organic Rosehip Oil, the Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser gently removes dirt and cleanses the skin effectively.

essano™’s Certified Organic Gentle Facial Exfoliator contains tiny Rosehip Bio-exfoliating granules that eliminate impurities and refine skin texture for deep cleansing. Infused with Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil, the Exfoliator helps to repair the skin's surface, restoring elasticity and protecting against sun and pollution stressors.

At this station, we had to use the Gillette Fusion ProShield to "shave" the balloons to look for clues. The balloons did not burst when we "shaved" it which goes to show how gentle Gillette Fusion ProShield is on the skin!

To ensure maximum comfort of each shave, Gillette Fusion ProShield is introducing a new cartridge technology with lubrication before and after the blades. The razor helps prevent skin irritation after shave due to the ‘LubeStrip’ technology which helps to soothe the skin during shaving. The shaver also comes with MicroComb to help guide stubble to blade as well as a blade stabilizer to maintain optimal spacing for extra comfort. The Gillette Profusion Shield also comes with the ‘Flexball’, a technology developed to maximize contact on the skin as well as easy manoeuvre.

Retails at $24.90 at Watsons stores.

This is the DHC Suncut Q10 EX Gel SPF50+.

DHC Suncut Q10 EX Gel SPF50+ is a light, water-proof and watery-textured gel sunblock that glides smoothly on skin and does not leave a sticky residue. The product is enhanced with a new high-molecule technology that allows the sunblock to be resistant against sweat and water – making it ideal for daily use to protect skin against UV rays.

I am currently using this sunblock and I love it! This sunblock is easy to apply and absorbs fast into the skin. It feels light and it also works amazing as a makeup base. Other than the high SPF, another plus point is that it is waterproof, so no worries when doing water sports or even be bothered when perspiring under the hot weather, the sunblock still stays. Thumbs up!

My rating: 5/5

Next up are the products from SVR. SVR formulates its products directly without allergens to guarantee better tolerance for sensitive skin, making their products suitable for use on even the most delicate of skin.

SEBIACLEAR Active ($35) is a targeted acne treatment that limits bacterial growth and soothes redness. It also regulates excess sebum with the presence of a mattifying agent. This product is lightly fragrance and delights skin with a lasting moisturization.

SEBIACLEAR Eau Micellaire ($49) is a mattifying purifying cleansing water that has an anti-tugging and pulling formula. The cleansing water is formulated with gluconolactone, which works to purify and unclog the pores. It also contains micelles to remove makeup without damaging the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

The SEBIACLEAR crème SPF 50 is the first SPF50 sun care product that treats oily, acne-prone skin with a complete mattifying and anti-imperfections action. With SPF50+ filters, the sunblock helps to protect against UVAs and UVBs and limit the rebound effect. The emulsion is dry-to-the-touch, making it compatible for use with makeup.

We were also introduced to Eu Yan Sang's health products that are available in sachets.

Eu Yan Sang’s Pure Enzyme (in green), $49.90 per box (14s) works to cleanse the body of its toxins by promoting digestive health, detoxification, weight management and anti-inflammatory action. Formulated with high quality natural enzymes and Hawthorn, the Pure Enzyme helps to detox and protect your liver, resulting in a healthy body that radiates from within.

Eu Yan Sang’s Slender Gold (in red), $49.90 per box (14s) is formulated with Roselle, patented Green Coffee Bean and Garcinia, the Slender Gold helps to increase metabolism by activating the fat burning process of the body. In addition, Slender Gold also largely reduces sugar and suppresses appetite with Hoodia and Patented Garcinia. 

Eu Yan Sang’s Crystalite (in yellow), $49.90 per box (14s) is a collagen essence which helps to firm up skin and reduce damage to skin. Combining with patented ingredients, this collagen essence whitens skin and prevents UV-induced pigmentation, it also keeps the skin hydrated and smooth. In addition, the Patented Gooseberry, Vitamin C and grape seed extract protects the skin from antioxidant actions.

Next up is the Watsons Essence Bath.
This is the brand’s latest shower series that combines Natural Extracts and Coconut Oil to cleanse and soften skin. With a long-lasting refreshing fragrance, it freshens up the body and awakens the mind.

Available exclusively at Watsons stores at $19.90 (975ml).

Lastly is the Blackmores Radiance Marine Q10.
To combat the effects of ageing, Blackmores Radiance Marine Q10 provides an internal anti-ageing nourishment for the deeper layers of the skin. Formulated with natural ingredients such as Green Tea extract, grape seed and fish extracts, the product is rich in essentials and vitamins to nourish the deeper layers of the skin to keep it healthy. The product is also enhanced with marine collagen, CoQ10 and antioxidants to promote skin firmness and hydration. 

This product is free from milk derivatives, preservatives, colouring and artificial flavourings. 

Retails at selected Watsons stores for $55.

This is a long post, but thanks for reading to understand more about the benefits of these new products. Signing off with a flatlay of the products at WatsOn-Trend event.

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