Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Skin Update and Review on Vagheggi Rehydra Moisturising Facial at Bejeweled Singapore

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This blog post records the update of my skin condition and my review about the Rehydra Moisturising facial that I experienced at Bejeweled Singapore during end August.

After my Vagheggi Balance Purifying Facial at end July, I returned to Bejeweled a month later for a follow up treatment.

Photos shared below were taken after the facial.


Bejeweled uses a wide range of Vagheggi products during the facial process and they are always generous with the quantity used.

The photo below shows my face after all the cleansing was done.
After Shirleen analysed my skin, she found that my skin is recovering well and there were not many clogged pores, so for this treatment, Shirleen focused on replenishing the moisture level of my skin instead of doing the Balance Purifying Facial. 

Likewise to the previous treatments I had, Shirleen will always use a warm towel to open up my pores for easier extraction thereafter.

The extraction this time round was less painful and I really enjoyed this facial. Although my skin looked flushed but the whole extraction was much bearable.

After my extraction, Shirleen applied a serum on my face and while my skin absorbs the serum, Shirleen gave me a bonus treat by helping to trim my eyebrows.

Next, serum was applied to my skin again and 2 different kinds of ice cold rollers were used over my skin and it was visible that the redness of my skin was greatly reduced after the use of ice cold rollers.

Shirleen applied hydration cream on my skin and gave me a good face lifting massage and she also massaged around the eye area as well. This was my first time experiencing such face massage by Shirleen and I would say the massage was very professionally done. Thumbs up!

The last step was the application of mask around my eye area and double masks over my face. During the period of masking, Shirleen worked her magic hands in giving me tension relieving massages.

Here's the results of my skin after the facial treatment was completed. My skin does appear much hydrated, radiant and youthful.

My rating for this facial: 5/5

I love the experiences of this Rehydra Moisturising Facial and the results of this treatment were satisfactory. It was truly a wonderful and enjoyable pampering session for me.

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