Monday, September 5, 2016

Review: Vagheggi Balance Purifying Facial at Bejeweled Singapore

Hi lovelies,

During the end of July, I visited Bejeweled for a facial treatment as my skin was clogged and I needed a treatment badly to regain clear skin and rebalance my sebum secretion.

Below are the results on my skin after the facial.
Read on as I share more about this facial treatment I experienced at Bejeweled.

From 29 August to 2 October, Bejeweled is celebrating their 5th Anniversary, and they have great promotions available and free goody bags for their customers. 
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The treatment started with a Welcome Step with peppermint essential oil and a simple massage which made me feel very relaxed.

Next, there was the step of Double Cleansing to ensure the skin is properly cleansed so that Shirleen and better analysis the condition of my skin and make any necessary adjustments to my facial treatment.

After double cleansing, Shirleen did skin exfoliation for me and further cleansed my skin with a gentle brush device to remove dead skin cells settling on the surface of my skin.

Here's my skin after thorough cleansing and I had many tiny bumps which appeared on my cheeks and along my jawlines.

Instead of using steam, Shirleen placed a warm towel over my face to prep my skin for the extraction. 

Once my skin was ready, Shirleen began her magic hands clearing all my clogged pores and removing blackheads residing on my skin. 

This time round, my extraction process was more painful than my previous facials at Bejeweled but I would bear the pain if I can clear my clogged skin, so I persevered while Shirleen patiently clear all the big and small clogs I had on my face.

Next, Shirleen applied a detoxify mask over my skin and when it was semi-dry, Shirleen did a gentle face massage for me before wiping the remains of the dried mask on my skin.

After the mask, my skin was still visibly red from the extraction, so Shirleen proceeded to apply serum and use cold rollers over my skin to calm my skin and close my pores.

Lastly was the application of double mask on my face and my eyes. While the masks were on, Shirleen gave me a good back, shoulder and head massage. 

If you have read my previous posts, I can never stop praising about how good Shirleen's massage was. The massage segment was one of the steps I always look forward to when I have my facials at Bejeweled.

The end result of my skin after the masks were removed. This photo showed my bare skin after the facial before the application of skincare and sunblock.

In overall, I am always satisfy with the facial experience with Shirleen at Bejeweled as I know that my face is in good care and Shirleen is always able to settle any skin woes I have.

My rating: 4.5/5

Stay tuned as I will share a follow up on my skin condition after another facial session which I had at the end of August.

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