Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bespoke Box (April) Review

Hello to all fellow ladies, 

We all understand the trouble and difficulties we have to face during the time of the month. Sometimes, it can be unbearable and uncomfortable but be sad not, because Bespoke Box is here to provide us ladies with anti-PMS care package in hope to bring some comfort and fun.  

Every month, ladies at Bespoke Box will handpick our products with love and consideration, totaling of 5 items, varying from pampering Bath and Body products to beauty products, snacks, feminine items or an art gift. There is no need to worry about receiving the same things. All items are travel-sized or full-sized, so we get to fully enjoy the products.

For the month of April, Bespoke Box prepared for me a box of assorted teas, Hello Kitty by OPI nail polish, Lactacyd feminine wash, Nips chocolate-coated peanuts, Chipsmore cookies and strawberry Collon snack. Total content worth at $34.45!

Tea has plenty of health benefits and it is also relieving to have a cup of warm tea when experiencing menstrual cramps.

Brighten up your mood with this pretty pink shade from the limited edition Hello Kitty by OPI nail polish. Long-lasting with a professional finish.

Personal hygiene is important, especially during the time of the month. Protecting it against infections with regular cleaning using Lactacyd feminine wash. 

Whole roasted peanuts coated in chocolate and in rainbow colours to instantly brighten up our day. This snack is a great choice for people who loves peanut and chocolate. Vitamin B6 (found in peanuts) can also help to relieve cravings, exhaustion, water retention and bloating.

During the time of the month, us ladies tend to be attracted to comfort food like snacks, sweets and chocolates more, and the ladies at Bespoke Box have been thoughtful to include Chipsmore and Collon to satisfy our cravings and make us feel happier! 

 There are different subscription plans available – 3-months ($63), 6-months ($120), or get 15% off with a whole year plan ($228). Bespoke Box also have an one-time option ($22) to send as a gift to your friends. All prices are inclusive of free local shipping.

After selecting your plan, complete the form emailed to you so Bespoke Box can prepare your box for delivery. People at Bespoke Box will calculate your menstrual cycle to ensure your box reaches you before your period.


With Bespoke Box, I hope all ladies will feel happier during that 'special' time of the month!

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