Thursday, March 17, 2016

Balance Hydrating Facial Experience at Bejeweled Singapore

Hi lovelies,

I revisited Bejeweled Singapore branch at BreadTalk IHQ for another facial session by Shirleen.
(I've previously posted about the 2 facial sessions by Shirleen, you can read it here and here.)

Before the facial, the condition of my skin with only sunblock and some blusher on.

The facial procedures begin with a Welcome Step with the use of peppermint scented essential oil. 
I love this step very much, as it never fails to calm me down, making me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Next step was Double Cleansing, to wash off all forms of makeup, dirt and residues on my skin.

Scrub was also used to exfoliate dead skin cells. 
The scrub has very tiny mircobeads and did not feel harsh on the skin.

Next, Warm towel (similar to the use of steam) was placed on my face to open up pores and prep skin for easier extraction.

Moving on, the next step was Extraction
Although my face looked rather red after the extraction but the whole procedure was alright and the extraction was not very painful or in any form unbearable for me. 

Shirleen's extraction skill is worth commending and recommending! Shirleen is very meticulous and her extraction is thorough, removing all whiteheads and blackheads right from the root and her extraction did not leave scar or result in further breakouts from the skin. My younger sis goes for facial by Shirleen every month to treat her acne condition and we saw vast improvement in her skin. My mother is also starting to visit Bejeweled for her facial.

After the extraction, Ice cool rollers were used on my face to soothe and calm down the redness of the skin.

Next step was the Application of Serum and the use of Blue Light to treat acne and kill underlying bacteria in the skin that causes breakouts.

The next step was the Application of warm mask and hydrating sheet mask
The double masks work to detox and hydrate the skin at the same time.

While I was having the masks on, Shirleen provided me with relaxing shoulder and neck massages, followed by a head and scalp massage. I've sung praises about Shirleen's massaging skill many times. 
You just have to experience it!

The end result of my skin, a well hydrated and luminous skin with all the congestion on my skin removed. The redness from the extraction had also subsided by the end of the treatment.

Highly recommend facial at Bejeweled Singapore because they provide good services and treatments!

Mention 'Yvonne' when you book an appointment with Bejeweled. 

(Disclaimer: I do not receive any monetary gain from Bejeweled Singapore by writing this post or sharing their promotions, and my review is honest and based on my personal experience at Bejeweled Singapore.)

Location: 30 Tai Seng Street #02-01 BreadTalk IHQ Singapore 534013 
 Tel: 6443 9789 
 Business Hours: 
 Mon - Fri 11.30am to 8pm. 
Sat & Sun 10.30am to 7pm 

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