Monday, February 29, 2016

Makeup and Skincare from Korea: Giverny

Hi lovelies,

I am not sure if you have heard of this brand; Giverny.
If you have not heard about this brand, allow me to share about it.

Giverny is a Korea brand that is gaining popularity in Korea with their quality products being sold in major drugstores in Korea and also sought after by international customer base.
Fortunately for us, we can find Giverny beauty products and skincare in Singapore without us having to fly over to Korea to purchase or ship over from Korea.

Giverny skin care line’s efficacy is boosted with the use of flower extracts and consists of anti-aging properties, and the make up line also contains botanical extracts to protect the skin from damage even after long term use of makeup.

Are you looking for quality cosmetics and skin care products that can nourish and care for your skin while making you look your best?

 Giverny creamy tint lipstick is a range that is popular among ladies as it is long-wearing while locking in moisture in your lips all at once. You get to choose from the range of colours the brand has to offer, from bold and vibrant such as blossom pink and rose coral, to more subdued, classic colors such as chic pink.

The brand’s white blooming essence is also one of the popular skin essence that helps to brighten and refine the skin.

If you have sensitive eyes or skin, try the brand’s waterproof eyeliner gel pencil, or the sensitive eyebrow pencil for defined eyes and brows.

If you love Korean products for their quality, you will find Giverny being another amazing Korea brand that offers various different products to suit different skin condition and different cosmetics needs. Enjoy your Giverny products!

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