Wednesday, December 9, 2015

GlamPact from Glam-it! by JennGlamCo

Hi lovelies,

In this post, I am sharing about GlamPact, the 1st light up, refillable and completely customizable makeup compact with skincare ingredients and a rechargeable LED mirror.

GlamPact comes with a velvet pouch, a charging cable and an empty makeup compact for us to decide how we would like to place the products in the compact. 

The makeup compact comes with eyeshadow applicator, eyebrow brush, lip brush, cheek brush and a double-sided sponge. There are 11 empty pockets for us to insert any products that we would like to contain in our makeup set.

The makeup compact comes with a rechargeable LED mirror which provides the convenient of applying our makeup and touch up as and when we need. Stick-ons are also provided by Glamit! for us to design the exterior of our makeup compact.

The products I picked up for my makeup compact consists of:

After removing the packaging from the products, I am all ready to start assembling the products into my makeup compact. 

It was easy to assemble the products, all done in about 5 minutes.

Having GlamPact makeup on my face.

On my face, I had their Pressed Powder (Sand), Blusher (Cosmo Glow), Highlighter (Spotlight) and Concealer (Disappearing Act). The powders are fine and application was easy without causing my skin to appear cakey, and for the concealer it gives light coverage.

On my eyelids, I had their Eye shadow (04 Naked) as the base, followed by blending Eye shadow (03 Bambi Big Eyes) and finishing off with Eye Shimmer (01 Sparkle).

For my lips, I had their Lip Colour (05 Peachy Perfect).

Applying makeup is now faster and much convenient with this compact that contains most of the essential makeup products. The compact is small, light and handy, which makes it easy to carry around. For the quality of makeup, it is good enough to last me half a day before a touch up. is now live and enter code GP20YVONNE at checkout to enjoy 10% off all products.

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