Saturday, November 7, 2015

ECO CARE Organic Facial Wipes- Apple & Honey

Hi lovelies,

It has been some time since I've started on this Eco Care facial wipes and I am glad to my review about it. Each wipe is powerful but gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. 

Signature Ingredients:

Four apples in every pack to naturally cleanse the skin of oily build-up. This Organic Apple with Honey formulation is most suitable for combination or oily skin types.

Adding moisture and natural antioxidants to assist the skin with hydration and rejuvenation.

Other ingredients include Organic Aloe Vera for nutrients and vitamins and Organic Green Tea for the addition of antioxidants.

Each pack comes with a resealable tab which is functional as it does help to keep the wipes moist even after having opened it for about a month.  

The wipe is made from the finest 100% Natural Certified Organic Cotton, which makes it sustainable, biodegradable and soft to be used on the face.

EcoCare keeps their product as natural and organic as possible!
It is 
Alcohol free 
Chlorine Free
Paraben free
No Artificial Colours
No No Artificial Fragrance

My thoughts:
I am impressed by the effectiveness and gentleness of Eco Care's facial wipes. The unique formula is powerful enough to break through oil, makeup and waterproof mascara to thoroughly cleanse my face, yet gentle enough to leave the skin soft and nourished. My skin is not at all irritated after each use and each wipe comes in a luxurious size of 18cm x 22cm which helps to remove all kinds of makeup with the use of just one facial wipe. This wipe is suitable for makeup removal, a freshen up after yoga, or as a daily cleanser. Lastly, I love the mild green apple scent! Thumbs up for this facial wipes!

My rating:

Price: S$18

Purchase from: 

Thanks for reading and remember to keep your skin clean and refreshed!

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