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Gu Ma Jia Restaurant (姑妈家) Food Review

Hi lovelies,

I dined at Gu Ma Jia Restaurant recently, thanks to the invitation by Agnes. 
Gu Ma Jia is the Chinese name for Auntie’s House/Food Pot, a Chinese restaurant set up to share delicious home-cooked goodness with its customers.

The founder, affectionately known as Gu Ma, has had more than a decade of cooking experience selling her signature chicken rice and wanton noodles, prior to the establishment of Gu Ma Jia. Gu Ma Jia’s ingredients and seafood used for cooking are handpicked by Gu Ma and her team from the wholesale market daily, ensuring that only the best ingredients are picked to guarantee freshness and taste.

At Gu Ma Jia Restaurant, I had this Vinegar Enzyme Drink (S$4.80)
Fruit enzyme extracts were used in this beverage. Enzyme drink is said to be good for the body as the enzyme helps the body to digest, absorb and utilize nutrients. I love the refreshing taste of this beverage and the enzyme jelly bits were addictive too.

We had the Gu Ma's Signature Beancurd (S$16).
The beancurds were well fried to be golden brown in colour. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, yet it is surprisingly not oily at all. It tasted very good on its own and it goes really well with Gu Ma self-made sweet and spicy chilli sauce.

Next, we had this flaming dish, the Kyoto Pork Ribs (S$20).
The pork ribs were served in aluminum foil to retain the juiciness and natural flavour of the ribs.
For this dish, 玫瑰露酒 (I don't know the English name of this ingredient, is it Rosolio?) was added and after opening the foil, we could smell a strong rose scent. The tender pork ribs were drenched in sweet tangy sauce and this dish sweet and savory to the tastebuds.

A very special vegetable dish we had that day was this Kai Lan Yuan Yang (S$12, S$18, S$24)
The leaves were sliced and fried to a crispy texture making it very much like dried seaweed in texture and in taste. The stems were cooked differently from the leaves, therefore we had two different textures, crunchiness and crispiness in just one dish.

We also had the Prawn with Salted Egg-Yolk (S$20, S$30, S$40).
The prawns were fresh and huge and coated with savory salted egg yolk. It was a mouth-watering dish except for the trouble to peel off the prawn shell. Haha...

This is one of my favourite dishes at Gu Ma Jia, the Claypot Wine Chicken with Ginger and Sesame Oil (S$15, S$22, S$30).
Although it was cooked with sesame oil but the dish was not oily at all! The chicken meat was tender in texture and full of the goodness and flavours of the perfectly blended soup. From the chicken meat to the soup, this whole dish tasted so good that I kept having more of it.

Another not to be missed dish we had was this Gu Ma Jia Award Winning Assam Fish Head (S$28).
The fish head was very fresh, tender and juicy, complemented by Gu Ma Jia's exclusive Assam blend gravy. The Assam gravy is light on the tongue, it accentuates the freshness of the fish. There were a lot of other ingredients which added much flavour to this dish. This Assam Fish Head surely made all dishes more appetizing.

Another dish that we had was this Ubin Lala Bee Hoon (S$18).
The whole dish was full of the freshness of the Lala shellfish and the tasty rice vermicelli was cooked to a perfect texture. I love the chucks of egg in this dish too.

Not to be missed is definitely the White Pepper Crab (Price based on seasonal).
The crab were huge and fresh, flown in from Sri Lanka. It was so fresh that the crab meat easily detach from the shell. It was simply a great pleasure to sink my teeth into the fleshy crab meat. The white pepper also helped to level up the taste of the crab. I really highly recommend this dish!

Lastly, we had our desserts, which were the Vinegar Enzyme Jelly (S$5.80), Black Glutinous Rice with Vanilla Ice-cream (S$4.80), Gu Ma's Dessert with white fungus (S$4), Mango Pudding Pop (S$4).

My rating for Gu Ma Jia Restaurant: 4/5

If you are looking for home-cooked dishes with less oil and salt, Gu Ma Jia Restaurant is one of the top choices to go to.

The restaurant’s dedication and passion for creating delectable home-cooked dishes won Gu Ma Jia an award at the Singapore Food Festival 2010 and a second award at the Food Fest 2013 as one of the Top 10 Restaurants in Singapore.

Restaurant: 45 Tai Thong Crescent Singapore 347866 
Phone: 6285 2023

Last but not least, our group photo! ^_^

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