Friday, September 11, 2015

IQueen 3D Silicone Vibrating Facial Brush Review

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In this post, I am going to share my review for IQueen 3D Silicone Vibrating Facial Brush.
This is a vibrating cleanser with an anti-bacterial silicone brush, a different type of facial brush as compared to the general bristles brush head and sponge brush head. How well did this silicone facial brush work? Let's read on to find out.

Upon initial look at the design of this device, I am appreciative for the stand which makes it easy for me to store the facial brush in the bathroom. Another good design is the inclusive of portable plastic cap which makes it good to bring for overseas tour as it helps to prevent the contamination of the silicone brush because as you might know, silicone brush tends to attract dust.

In terms of the silicone brush head, the silicone bristles are short and fine, it feels gentle to my skin. However, as compared to those manual face cleansing silicone brushes available in the market, I don't feel much difference in this. In terms of the vibration rate for this silicone brush, it's very gentle as I don't feel much discomfort from the vibration. The vibration does not cause the brush to move in any definite direction, therefore, my hand movement would be the deciding factor for how this device is able to help me cleanse my face. 

Let me demonstrate how this device would work on a face with makeup.

I've wet my skin and placed a very small amount of facial cleanser on my skin.

Generally, this facial brush works in cleansing off most of the makeup from my skin but for my lip-gloss and glitters, some residues were observed. In terms of removal of dead skin cells, I believe it works to a certain extent as my skin could be seen to be slightly brighter over the weeks of usage. In terms of cleansing of my pores, I've used it for many weeks, it worked to an extent but it does not prevent me from experiencing clogged pores.

My IQueen 3D Silicone Vibrating Facial Brush is in Lime Green but if you like other colours, there are also Baby Pink and Metal Silver to suit your preference.

 IQueen 3D Silicone Vibrating Facial Brush is available through (under cosmetics).

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