Sunday, May 10, 2015

Headlines Hairdressing Mucota Dyna Treatment

Hi lovelies,

Thanks to the Labour Day's long weekends, I managed to book an appointment with my hairstylist, Charles to do something to my hair. Looking at the end results made me truly happy! ^_^

It had been a long while since I last did any treatment or colouring to my hair. The blackroots had grown long and the ends of my hair were coarse and untidy. This was the condition of my hair before Charles did his magic.

 Charles had to rescue the condition of my hair and restore the inner structure of my hair before, thus Mucota Dyna Treatment was recommended.

For Mucota Dyna Treatment, it helps to reduce frizzy hair, gives the hair natural shine, prevents split ends and has zero Formaldehyde in the products. 

Moisturizing of hair and damage repair are made possible with the Argan Oil in the products. Argan oil could be easily absorbed by the hair to help restore the hair's moisture and improve the strength of the hair. There is no Formaldehyde, making this treatment safe for people with sensitive scalp and even for pregnant ladies. This treatment works on all kinds of hair conditions as well.

Number 1 works to soften the hair and gives the hair a natural finish.

Number 2 changes the hair texture, giving the hair a sleek and glossy finish.

The treatment started with Number 1, evenly applied to all sections of my hair and left on for 30 minutes for my hair to absorb all the nutrients. I find this treatment very gentle on my scalp as it does not cause any stinging and there is no smell of ammonia as well.

After Treatment No. 1 was rinsed off, my hair was blown dry.

Result of my hair after Treatment No. 1:

It was clearly visible that my hair had become softer and smoother. I love the natural shine on my hair too! 

 Next, Charles trimmed my hair to restore its shape and design.

Low heat was then applied to my hair to seal in the nutrients from Treatment No. 1.

Soon after, Treatment No. 2 was applied to all sections of my hair and left on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

I love the healthy appearance of my hair! 

With a healthier hair structure, my hair is now ready to better absorb the colour from the hair dye. 
It's time to colour my hair!

During the hair colouring process, there was also no smell of ammonia but a gentle floral scent. The hairstylist assistant very patiently applied the hair dye to every strand of my hair. The hair dye was left on for 30 minutes.

Final results: 

I'm loving how smooth and manageable my hair is after the Mucota Dyna Treatment and I'm glad that this treatment did not give me flat, rigid hair but a light and flowy, natural-looking hair. 
Mucota Dyna Treatment is highly recommended to cure frizzy, damaged, lifeless-looking hair.

Here's a photo together with my hairstylist, Charles.


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  1. Hey Yvonne, looking great here! Love your new hair colour! And your hair quality really improves after the hair treatment yo!

    1. Thanks Faith! My hair is now smoother and more easily managed. I love the condition of my hair now! 😊


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