Saturday, April 4, 2015

Body Shaping Treatment with The Body Firm

Hi lovelies,

2 weeks ago, I had an opportunity to try out a body shaping treatment at The Body Firm. I turned up at the salon with lots of curosity, wondering what kind of treatment I am going to expect and will be going through. As I have gained weight after the Chinese New Year festive season, and being a glutton, I have not shed the weight I gained, so with this opportunity, I am looking forward to a healthier and shaped up body.

Upon knowing that since opening its door in 2007, The Body Firm has helped thousands of women and men to get the shape they desire by offering a wide range of top quality services using high quality products, I am sure that I am in good hands. 

I turned up at the salon punctually and waited for a short while for the treatment room to be available. The salon had a blooming business on a weekend.

When it was my turn, I was led into the treatment room and was introduced to 2 machines which will be used during the treatment.

The first machine used is called the I-Lipo. I was told that the I-Lipo is a smart, non-invasive alternative to liposuction as it can help to reduce fat and tone your body without pain, needles and discomfort. Sounds amazing? Let's check out how this works!

Unlike liposuction, which can potentially be risky, the I-Lipo has been clinically proven to be perfectly safe with no side effects. That’s because the I-Lipo helps you lose fat at problem areas using 32 advanced cool, low-level lasers that penetrate skin-deep.

The plate only emits laser light when in contact with the skin and I was placed under this treatment for 30 minutes.

Laser light was used to penetrate skin deep to break down fats from within. A total of 4 plates were placed on targeted areas and 2 button sized laser lights were placed on the lymph nodes to aid in blood circulation to maximise the efficacy of this machine. The plates heated up gradually after being in contact with my skin and it gave a comfortable warm sensation. 

I was delighted when I was told that during the procedure, around 500 calories worth of fat is released into your body, allowing them to be easily burned off during a period of post-treatment exercise. Just nice, I was going for a workout after this session and I am expecting more calories and fats to be used up.

It was a relaxing process laying on the treatment bed and doing things like reading and checking emails while my fats are being break down by the machine.

Adapted this photo from The Body Firm's website which showed the expected outcome after completion of their treatments. The I-Lipo machine promised a slimmer, leaner, well-shaped body which I am looking forward to have as well.

For the next 30 minutes, I went through The Body Firm System. The Body Firm System is said to help shape and tone your body with healthy, fit and sexy curves. 

This high-tech shaping system simulates conditions similar to doing exercises like weight-training and sit-ups. Just one session is equivalent to a 3-4 hour workout at the gym, or doing 400 sit-ups. This is just so cool!

Self-warming metal plates were placed on my body. A total of 16 metal plates were used, 4 plates on each targeted area that you would like to shape up. During the procedure, I could feel my fats and muscles being squeezed and the vibration also helped to tone my muscles. Like a workout, I perspired during the treatment just laying there.

After the treatment, slight prickling sensation continued to be felt on my skin even after the metal plates had been removed. My skin felt warm but no redness was observed. Areas where the metal plates were placed continued to perspire after the treatment. I was told that it is best to accompany by a workout after this treatment to continue with the burning of more fats.

This treatment promised to remove cellulite in problematic areas like your stomach, buttocks, thighs and arms, and replacing it with muscle. Adapted this photo from The Body Firm's website which showed that we can expect a more toned body after treatments.

 I had a relaxed and pleasant experience at The Body Firm. The consultant I met is open, honest and down to earth and willing to explain the techniques of each treatment with me.

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  1. Prices of the treatments:
    First trial for I-Lipo Slimming Laser is S$88. Subsequent pricing for per session of 20 mins is S$299.
    For TBF Toning Treatment, Basic Package (17 mins) is S$1077 for 12 sessions and S$1575 for 18 sessions.
    The Body Firm Special Package (25 mins) is S$1350 for 12 sessions and S$1958 for 18 sessions.

    Hope this information helps for those who are interested. :)

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