Sunday, April 26, 2015

Review and Giveaway: Workouts at ActiveHive SG!

Hi lovelies,

Some weeks ago, I found out about ActiveHive as I was invited to try out their workout program which claimed to burn around 500 calories in 30 minutes. Coincidentally, I was looking to exercise and lose some weight after gaining much during the Lunar New Year. However, as I dislike having to experience muscle-aches and discomforts after exercising, I was always procrastinating and thus, failed to begin my exercise routine. After I was invited by ActiveHive, I took up the opportunity to exercise after knowing that it's not going to be any normal exercise but a Hi-tech workout.

Curious to find out what this Hi-Tech workout is about? Then you have to continue reading.

The first time I was at ActiveHive, I had to take my body composition analysis.

At that time, I was weighing at 53.8kg and my degree of obesity was 0.6%. I knew I had to exercise and get back in shape, thus I was enthusiastic about my workout program at ActiveHive and I was every consistent with my workout appointment. After 5 sessions at ActiveHive, my weight reduced to 53.3kg and my degree of obesity went down to -0.4%.  

Before the workout, Anti-Cellulite & Body Sculpt Cream (S$18) was applied to my concern areas. Other than helping to speed up the fats burning process during the workout, the Anti-Cellulite & Body Sculpt Cream also has skin moisturising benefit that makes the skin feels smoother.


Soon after, I stepped into the pedaling machine and different workout program was set to the machine. The workout program differs in intensity and difficulty and it was set to suit the strength and fitness of the individual.

This workout machine helps to burn calories more than 5 times faster than normal fitness or slimming methods as it makes use of the award-winning, patented technology with Infra Red and Ionised Air for a great cardio workout for effective weight loss, toning and firming of the body. Thus ActiveHive can guarantee that in just 30 minutes, we can burn at least 500 calories. Getting on the machine to exercise also helps to strengthen and tone up our muscles.

As mentioned earlier, I am afraid of muscle-aches after exercising but with the Infra-red shining on all parts of my body, I can gladly say that it works and I never once experience any muscle-aches or discomfort after exercising at ActiveHive. 

The Ionized Air that was released during the workout supplies oxygen, and after working out, I actually feel more refreshed and it helped me to sleep better through out the night.

After working out at ActiveHive, I always perspired a lot. 
After a few sessions, I realised that my endurance improved and I was more agile in my daily activities.

My highest record was in burning 1013 calories in one session.

After working out, ActiveHive would serve a glass of juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

ActiveHive believes in Getting Active and Being Healthy, and they advocate the 7Rs approach. You are sure to be in good hands at ActiveHive and be on your journey to a healthier, stronger body.

If you are interested in exercising at ActiveHive, you can go for Pay-Per-Use or Package.

Good news for you!

5 of my readers will each be entitled to 1 free workout, 1 Body Composition Analysis and 1 post workout juice. 

All you have to do is 
1) 'Like' ActiveHive Facebook page ( and 
2) 'Share' my blogpost link ( together with any photo from this blogpost on your Instagram and tag me @SimYvonne.

Closing date for this giveaway is 10 May 2015

Hurry, join this giveaway if you are seeking to exercise and lose some weight!

Stay fit and healthy everyone!


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