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Review: H2O+ Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence and Hydrator Lotion SPF 30

H2O+ Waterwhite Advanced Collection targets skin luminosity and even tone. Infused with sea kelp, brightening botanicals and vitamin C, this range dramatically diminishes the appearance of dark spots for a vibrant, even tone.

- Stabilized Vitamin C helps clarify and brighten the skin by repairing damage from free radicals.
- Asian Brightening Botanicals, a potent fusion of brightening compounds sourced from Asian plants, including Mulberry, Saxifrage, Scutellaria and Grape.
- Knotted Sea Kelp helps to brighten the skin, diminish dark spots and prevent new dark spot with pigmentation inhibitors.

In this post, I am going to share my reviews for H2O+ Brightening Essence and H20+ Brightening Hydrator Lotion SPF 30

I had used the stated products for consecutive 2 weeks. Brightening and hydrating results were noticeable without causing adverse effect on my skin. I feel safe and assured using these products and I am happy to share a photo of my bare skin, no skincare or foundation applied to my skin. I noticed the lightening of my post-acne pigmentation, evening of my skin tone especially around the T-zone and my skin became more luminous.

Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Essence 30 mL / 1 Fl Oz
A high-performance brightening serum formulated to illuminate skin and aggressively target dark spots. This concentrated serum infuses skin with high performance brightening agents which help to reduce the production of melanin to correct and prevent the formation of age spots.

The list of ingredients in this Brightening Essence:

This brightening essence comes in pump-tube, in which I just have to press the top cap to release the essence within. I find this pump-tube convenient to use but with its opening exposed to the atmosphere, it may be a little unhygienic. 

My thoughts:

This essence comes in a light-weight gel texture that turns into watery texture upon spreading it out on my skin. It gives a slight cooling sensation which helps to soothe my skin. The essence got absorbed by my skin easily and almost instantly. After application, my skin plumped up and well hydrated, and the fine lines on my skin visibly smoothens. I love how weightless the essence felt on my skin and it does not gives my skin any sticky or greasy feeling even in Singapore's warm weather. Brightening and lightening of my skin tone was visible after usage. The last thing that I love about this essence is the pleasant, refreshing, uplifting floral scent the was released while using it.

My rating: 4/5

Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Hydrator Lotion SPF 30 38 mL / 1.7 Fl Oz
This deeply hydrating, oil-free formula protects skin from the harmful dark spot caused by rays of the sun while also helping to fade existing hyperpigmentation. Brown algae and spirulina visibly smooth and revitalize skin with antioxidant-rich moisture while Vitamin C and Asian Brightening Botanicals diminish the look of discoloration.

Information and the list of ingredients in this Hydrator Lotion:

The packaging of the Hydrator Lotion is the same as the Brightening Essence except that the container of the Hydrator Lotion is taller, which makes it easier to differentiate between both products before usage.

My thoughts:

This Hydrator Lotion has the exact same scent as the Brightening Essence that I love. This Hydrator Lotion comes in a slightly heavier texture than the Brightening Essence, hence it took a slightly longer time with gently massage to be fully absorbed by my skin. After application, the Hydrator Lotion leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth and well hydrated. My skin feels like it has a thin layer of coating over which I believe helps to create a barrier over my skin against the harmful sun's rays and assist in locking in moisture. I love the added benefit of SPF30. After application, this Hydrator Lotion does not leave any white cast on my skin but it visibly brightens the appearance of my skin. This Hydrator Lotion is like a 3-in-1 product that hydrates, brightens and protects my skin. It works great as a makeup base as well.

My rating: 4/5

These two products from the H20+ Waterwhite Advanced Collection are truly effective in giving me a more radiant, luminous, hydrated skin.

The full set of this H20+ Waterwhite Advanced Collection consists of a Brightening Cleanser, a Brightening Toner, a Brightening Essence, a Brightening Spot Corrector, a Brightening Mask, an Intensive Overnight Brightening System Pouches, a Brightening Hydrator Lotion, a Brightening Hydrator Cream, a Brightening Eye Cream.  

To find out how you could incorporate the H2O+ Waterwhite Advanced products into your current skincare and to choose the suitable products for your skin type, H2O+ counter is located at 
Isetan Orchard, Basement One.

Hope you will find this review useful. =)

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