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Power Facial & Lazer Glow at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique – your personal beauty Shangri-­‐la.

Heavenly instant fixes for your skin and body in a cozy and tranquil hideaway in the hustle and bustle of the CBD. A place of happiness, bliss and beauty where men and women can find effective, fuss-­free solutions for their skin and body.

The Hadara Experience
I was greeted with an uplifting Hadara signature scent when I first entered the boutique. The scent was a blend of organic aromatic oils especially concocted for Hadara in collaboration with a clinical herbalist. This signature scent creates a warm, welcoming ambience which uplifts & relaxes to dissolve stress and tension.

Consultation room
Facial Treatment room
Body Treatment room
I went for my Hadara Power Facial add on with Lazer Glow facial treatment at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique, and in this post, I will be sharing about my facial procedures and experiences at Hadara.

Differences in my skin tone and complexion were noticeable after my treatment. 

I started my treatment with Hadara Power Facial.

Hadara Power Facial is an effective facial and you can look forward to clean and clear skin in just 60min! Complemented by a nourishing & relaxing Cleopine air spray invented by Korean doctor. This treatment is suitable to be done as a lunchtime treatment or after a long hard day's work.

Facial is customised for each individual’s skin needs and can be customised for sensitive or even acne prone skin. Products used are DERMGOLD skincare – a meticulously curated cosmeceutical line with high performance active ingredients offering Asian women and men skincare solution systems that work synergistically to produce optimal and effective results. (

Steps of Hadara Power facial: 

 #1 I had double cleansing as the first cleansing step was to remove my makeup and the second cleansing step is to clear the skin of any grease and dirt. My skin was well cleansed after the double cleansing process. My therapist was extremely gentle with her hands and she makes sure that no unwanted residual was left on my skin.

#2 I had the scrub to remove dead skin cells from my skin. The exfoliators were tiny and gentle on my skin.

#3 Steaming of 20 minutes was given to soften my skin and for my pores to open up for easier extraction.

#4 Extraction was done. My therapist first analysed the condition of my acne before deciding if it is alright to remove the blackhead/whitehead so as not to damage the skin's structure or cause scarring to my skin. Extraction was done to clear clogged skin with minimal pain.

#5 As part of the Lazer Glow treatment, a Korean beauty machine using SND (Smart & Dynamic) technology to photo-­rejuvenate my skin for quick glow, whitening and brightening!

#6 Cleopine air-spray penetration
Cleopine ampoules and air spray are invented by a Korean doctor. It is manufactured using a patented technology and it is FDA approved as a food substance. ( it can be sprayed safely into the mouth!!) 
Cleopine ampoule are especially suitable for sensitive skin and it is penetrated into the skin using a special nano-­‐technology air spray. 

Cleopine contains : 
1. fermented peptides from mushrooms grown in Korea 
2. nutrient extracts from pine trees in Korea 
3. high quality mineral salt 

Benefits of Cleopine : 
 ‐ whitening 
‐ anti-­‐aging 
‐ anti-­‐wrinkle 
‐ moisturising 
-­ improved skin tone

#7 Massage/ lymphatic drainage was done. The massaging skills of my therapist is praise-worthy and awesomely fantastic! I am already missing her massages.

#8 Mask. A cooling clay mask was used on me to soothe and deep cleanse my skin. 

While having my mask on, my therapist did a head, neck, shoulder and arm massages for me which was really tension relieving!

The final results were visible on my skin after the treatment. I was amazed that my skin became so hydrated, it had brightened and was glowing with radiance. It was a pampering and luxury experience at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique with their therapist being skillful and professional.

My facial experience at Hadara experience ended off  with complimentary beauty/rejuvenation tea and snacks.

My facial experience at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique was so good that I would love to share a special deal with all of you.

Hadara Special
Quote “Yvonne” to get 10+10 Hadara Power Facials for a special price of only $1500 (valid till 31 Dec 2014).

Hadara Power Facial Ala carte@$150 
Package of 3@$400 
Package of 6@$750 
Package of 10@$1088 
Add-­‐on Lazer Glow $78 

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique 
23 Lorong Telok #01-­‐01 
Singapore 049035 
Tel: 69693022 
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Hadara Special
Quote “Yvonne” to get 10+10 Hadara Power Facials for a special price of only $1500 (valid till 31 Dec 2014).

Enjoy your pampering treatment at Hadara and get your skin looking glowing and healthy this festive season!


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