Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rubi Shoes Hello Kitty Line That I Adore!

Rubi Shoes has made their Hello Kitty line so adorable and I can't resist them! LOL! Rubi Shoes Hello Kitty Line is suitable for the masses, so no matter which age group you are in, you are sure to find something that you will love at Rubi Shoes!

Have a look at my collection of Rubi Shoes Hello Kitty items which I am so happy to have included in my life.

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Here's my navy stripes Sailor Hello Kitty collection. 

I love the canvas tote bag, it is so functional, it's interior is so spacious, and the leather base and leather handle make it so easy to wash and clean away perspiration, dirt and stain. Now you don't have to worry about leaving the bag on the floor and getting your bag stained. 

I love the huge travel pouch which can hold so many things inside and its plastic material makes it durable and washable. This travel pouch can be used to carry your toiletries or your cosmetics or your jewelleries or your travel accessories like chargers etc. 

The thong and lace up shoe are comfortable to wear. The colour also makes them easy to mix and match with different attires.

Here's my imprinted design Hello Kitty collection in Pink.

I love the sweet pink colour of this collection and the adorable party Hello Kitty repetitively imprinted on the items. The items exude a spirit of youthfulness in them.

The huge Hello Kitty bottle is great for my work and exercise sessions as I always need to drink up to keep myself hydrated.

Here's my Red Bow Hello Kitty collection and my Hello Kitty accessories.

I super love this adorable yet classy looking wrist watch which comes with a leather strap. 
This watch is so pretty looking that I can't bear to use it as I don't want to cause the watch's face to have scratches.

I love this Bowler Hat with black cat ears and a sweet ribbon by the side. It's great to add a touch of fun and cuteness to the outfit while protecting myself from the harmful sun's rays. 

Lastly, I love the two Hello Kitty glasses which I find suit me a lot; the Tort and the Black shade with an added bow and kitty whiskers at the edge of the frame.

Get your hands on these Hello Kitty items from any Rubi Shoes outlets! 

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Hope you enjoyed reading my Rubi Shoes Hello Kitty Collection! Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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