Sunday, October 26, 2014

Paint Me Real: My Personal Portrait

I remember when I was young, I wanted to have my personal portrait drawn after seeing an artist drew so perfectly and his artwork was exactly like the person he drew. However, my parents did not agree to my request as they see it as a waste of money. 

My simple request was then buried deep within my heart and it seems like I have forgotten all about it. Till one day, Paint Me Real contacted me, I hopped on to their website, saw some of their products which I find was magnificently drawn. I was captivated by their artworks and placed an order with Paint Me Real. 

I finally got to fulfill my childhood wish! =)

After placing my order, it took 3 weeks for my portrait to be delivered to my door step. Paint Me Real used registered mail with SingPost for the delivery of my order. 

My portrait arrived safely and with no damage or dent.

I totally adore my personal portrait drawn by Paint Me Real as the artist is very intricate with every detail including my eye expression and facial features.  

The above photo was the photo I submitted for my personal portrait to be drawn. 

Comparing my personal portrait with my current self, I can't resist but be totally amazed with the likeness of the portrait.

It was an easy process placing my order and receiving it. All done in 3 steps! Let me share with you how it is done.

Upload Picture & Choose No. of Persons

I just have to upload a selfie of myself. It is best to upload close up and clear picture of your face(s).  
Next, choose the number of Persons in your photo to be painted 

* Paint Me Real is currently able to paint up to 4 faces. If there is a need to paint more faces, we can request for a customized painting by emailing 

Choose Canvas Size and Add-ons

We can choose from various canvas sizes A0, A1, A2, A3, A4.
For me, I chose my portrait to be drawn in A3 size.

* The prices reflected on the screen when placing order changes according to how many person faces are in the photo, hence we have to select the [No. of Person] carefully in Step 1.

Shipping and Billing Information

Fill in your Shipping / Billing Address. 
Choose "Registered Shipping" so that you can track your painting. 
Special PROMO CODE (10% Discount): xmas2014 (Valid till 25 Dec 2014) 
or vday2014 (Valid till 14 Feb 2015)  

* You may also choose to select "Send as a Gift", whereby you would need to fill in your recipient's information. 

Personally, I find this a great gift for friends and loved ones. Surprise them now! 

The customer service by Paint Me Real is worth commending. 
After placing my order, I received 3 emails in total.
1st Email - Paint Me Real thanked me for purchasing from
 2nd Email - Informing me that my order has been Painted.
3rd Email - Notifying me that my Painting has been Shipped Out with my Registered Shipping "Tracking Number". 

About Paint Me Real

Paint Me Real is an international brand that paints high quality oil canvas portraits that is trusted by Global Standards.

Paint Me Real paints individual portraits, family portraits, wedding portraits, sibling portraits, best friends portraits, couple portraits, graduation portraits, etc.

PAINT ME REAL - Personalised High Quality Hand Painted Oil Canvas Painting Portraits

Painting People Since 1987

If you are interested in ordering for yourself or for surprising your friends and loved ones, do remember to use the Promo Code (xmas2014 or vday2014) to enjoy 10% off the original price! =)

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