Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Wisdom Tooth Removal at Oral Maxillofacial Practice

Yesterday, I went to remove the wisdom tooth positioned at the bottom right side of my jaw as it had grown out of position and there's possibility of tooth decay which may affect the gum and the tooth positioned in front of it.

I had been seeking for good dentist to do my wisdom tooth removal as I'm afraid of pain and I don't want to experience any complications after removing my tooth, so of course, a professional dentist would be a preferred choice. From my understanding, removal of wisdom tooth is quite pricey in Singapore.  

My friend recommended Oral Maxillofacial Practice ( as she said the dentists there are skillful and her brother works there as a dentist, so she said can give friendship rate. 

I thought it would be good if there's discount from the already expensive charges in Singapore for removal of wisdom tooth, so I made my appointment and went down to do my extraction.

However, no discount was given, the total bill added up to S$1088.70 to remove one wisdom tooth. Seriously, I think if anyone wants to have their wisdom tooth removed at a cheaper rate, it's best to get a referral letter from other dentist first. (Can forget about approaching polyclinics to get referral letter, I called in to make appointment but their appointments are fully booked till July 2015.)

The only good thing from this visit? The process of my wisdom tooth removal was swift and not much of pain, just swelling and numbness on my gum, cheek and chin during and after the surgery. I dislike the experience of removing wisdom tooth. Hope I won't get to experience it ever again.

Here are the charges for dental services at Oral Maxillofacial Practice.

Now, I'm still in the process of recovery. It's mostly resting and only consuming of soft food. 
Hope I will recover soon! :)


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