Sunday, October 5, 2014

Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store: Customised Magnum Ice-Cream

Finally, I had the time to blog about my trip to Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store which I visited with my sister about 2 months ago. 

The Magnum Pleasure Store I went to was located at Customs House then, but I think it had closed.

Each customised Magnum ice-cream is priced at S$7 and we paid for our ice-creams.

Firstly, we got to choose 3 toppings out of 18 different toppings.

Next, we got to choose the flavour of the coating we would like on our vanilla Magnum ice-creams. There were 3 flavours to choose from; white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

The chocolate coating hardened upon contact with the icy cold ice-cream, and the toppings were then sprinkled on top. Ending off with a drizzle of white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate over the ice-cream.

My customized Magnum ice-cream was coated with dark chocolate, topped with Precious Pearls, Pixie Dust and Chocolate Crunchy (with biscuit/cereal within, coated with thin layer of chocolate), drizzled with milk chocolate on top. The inner fillings of my toppings (Precious Pearls and Pixie Dust) were all chocolates, thus making my ice-cream super chocolate-y and heavenly in taste. My ice-cream did not end up too sweet or jelat at all. Truly, it was yummy in my tummy!

My sister's ice-cream wasn't as chocolate-y as mine. We tried both ice-creams and we both agreed that my combination tasted way better as hers was pretty average in taste. Her Magnum ice-cream was coated with dark chocolate, topped with Gold Nugget, Cinnamon Snowflakes (which didn't have much cinnamon taste) and Chocolate heart (which was quite tasteless), and lastly, drizzled with milk chocolate.

It was really fun tasting our personally customised magnum ice-creams. I truly enjoyed the experience. I look forward to Magnum Singapore setting up another Magnum Pleasure Store in Singapore.

Lastly, wishing everyone a great week ahead! =)

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