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CreerBeaute Japanese Anime Makeup Line

Hailing all the way from Japan, the much raved and most awaited Japanese Anime makeup line, CreerBeaute is available in Singapore.

CreerBeaute is famous for its Versailles (based on a manga called The Rose of Versailles) and Sailor Moon series of makeup products which are now available at selected Watsons stores in Singapore.

Versailles Series:

Sailormoon Series:

CreerBeaute is the cosmetic subsidiary arm of Bandai - the Japanese toy making, anime and video game company. They are imbued with the spirit of the characters from the popular series La Rose de Versailles, Urusei Yatsura series, as well as Sailor Moon.

Products such as the Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner, The Rose of Versailles Oscar & Rosalie Face Mask and the Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner EX had won the Japan Beauty award @ cosme. Both series are available across Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Under the Versailles series, there is The Rose of Versailles Volume Mascara (S$24.70).

My thoughts:
I got to try the mascara at the event and the bristles of the mascara brush feels rather good at coating the lashes, helping to lengthen and gives my lashes more volume. However, the down side of this mascara is that it melts slightly in Singapore's warm weather, so there is a slight tendency of having smudged mascara. 

Another product under the Versailles series is the Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner EX ($$20.50).

My thoughts:
The brush tip is very fine and easy to control, however the eyeliner is on the watery side, hence the slight smudge along the edges of the lines drawn. Colour wise, it isn't super black but the shade is still reasonably acceptable. The packaging is very sleek and easy to carry along, and the attractive bright colours made it easy to be noticed in the makeup pouch.

The photo below shows the retailing prices and the products under the Versailles series that are currently available in Watsons, Singapore.

For Sailor Moon range, Miracle Romance products have been the most sought after range in Hong Kong and Japan. Miracle Romance is now the signature range of CreerBeaute.

Products in Miracle Romance are the Star Power Prism Eyeliners which were launched at the 20th anniversary celebratory event, which marked the 20th anniversary since the first TV broadcast of Sailor Moon.

The Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Eyeliners are available in 7 colours; Black, Brown, White, Red, Blue, Orange Gold and Green.

All colours come in the form of liquid eyeliner with brush for application except for white colour which comes in a form of pencil eyeliner.

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner in Black and Brown (S$24.70).

My thoughts:
Initially, I had a little difficulty in controlling the brush applicator of this eyeliner. The brush is a little thicker than expected which is good as the brush is firm but at the same time, I find that it makes drawing fine line a little difficult for me. You can compare from the photo above, the 2 lines I drew using the Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner EX were finer than the 2 lines I drew using Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliners. After a few tries at home, I think I think I can finally control the brush better (see photo below). 

According to the makeup artist, Mawaki Yamamoto, at the event, he recommended using gel liner first to fill in the gaps between the lashes so that the eyeliner drawn can be as close to the lash line as possible, followed by applying this liquid eyeliner over to define the shape of the eyeliner.

Next, let's check out the other fancy coloured eyeliners with each colour representing each Sailor Moon character.

These coloured eyeliners are gentler in shade as they are not supposed to be used alone as an eyeliner but as recommended by Mawaki Yamamoto, we are supposed to apply black eyeliner first before applying the coloured eyeliner. The black eyeliner as the base will intensify the appearance of the coloured eyeliner, and makes the colour stands out yet not too harsh in appearance. Mawaki Yamamoto told us that it is best to apply at on the corner of the top eyelid, then the bottom, joining the two lines at the end of the eye to give the kawaii, teary eye effect and not the harsh, colour-right-in-your-face effect.

In the photos below, I applied the Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner in Orange Gold to my left eye (to match my outfit) and Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner in Brown to my right eye. I think the Orange Gold does add colour to my plain eye makeup and brightens my eye, especially when taking photo with flash light, the glitters in the Orange Gold eyeliner reflects light really well and the colour stood out in photo.

The photo below shows the retailing prices and the products under Sailor Moon series that are currently available in Watsons, Singapore.

If you are interested to try out products by CreerBeaute, they are currently available in selected Watsons stores.

Thank you for reading this long post till the end!
Hope this post has been useful to you in any way. :))

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