Saturday, October 4, 2014

Appreciation Gift from Sasa Cosmetics Singapore

About a month ago, I received a special appreciation gift from Sasa Cosmetics Singapore. The team of sweet ladies at Sasa Cosmetics Singapore had been really sweet to present me with an appreciation gift. Thank you so much! ^_^

In the Sasa paperbag, there is a handwritten card and signatures by the lovely Sasa ladies, a specially unique Sasa umbrella and a bottle of  Cyber Colors Brightense Whitening UV Protect Spray SPF50PA+++. 

My thoughts:
Cyber Colors Brightense Whitening UV Protect Spray SPF50PA+++ is an amazing product! It is easy to use with its spray-on function releasing sunblock in the form of a mist; great for busy mornings for me to quickly spray on the sunblock and not bothering about massaging the sunblock into my skin. The sunblock is easily absorbed by the skin and with its light-weighted and non-greasy formula, it did not make my skin greasy or sticky after application.

My rating:

Thank you Sasa Cosmetics Singapore once again for this appreciation gift. 
It feels so good to be appreciated. Thank you Sasa! =)

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  1. how can i buy it from italy???? please!

    1. Hi, Sasa does ship internationally. You may want to check from this website



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