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Review CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Ampoule, Ginseng Berry Premium Eye Cream, and Max Hyaluronic Stemcell BB Cream

In this post, I will be reviewing the CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Ampoule, CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Eye Cream, and CLIV Max Hyaluronic Stemcell BB Cream.

My skin care routine started of with the cleansing of my skin, followed by the application of CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Ampoule.

CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Ampoule is said to help strengthen the skin energy, hence improving the skin's elasticity and complexion, and combat signs of skin aging.

My thoughts:
In my usage, I applied 5 drops of this ampoule for my whole face. The ampoule spreads easily on my skin and it is instantly absorbed by my skin. I find the ampoule light-weight and it gave a cooling sensation on my skin. There is no sticky or greasy residual texture on my skin after application. 

On days when my skin was dry and flaking, application of this ampoule immediately hydrated my skin and healed my skin's structure. I believe that with its hydrating efficacy, CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Ampoule should be able to lighten the appearance of fine lines upon prolong usage.

My rating: 4/5

After the application of CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Ampoule, I would apply my daily moisturizer over my whole face, followed by applying CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Eye Cream around my eye area.

 CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Eye Cream is said to nourish the skin and firms up saggy, damaged skin with the help of ginseng berry as one of the main ingredients in this product.

My thoughts:
This eye cream is creamy in texture, and it is hydrating and nourishing on my skin. Applying a tiny amount of this eye cream during each use is definitely sufficient, in order to avoid having excess remaining on the skin.

I love this eye cream for the ease in spreading out the product so there won't be any tugging of the fragile skin around the eye area. The floral citrus scent is another plus point which I adore.

Upon application, it took a while for the eye cream to be absorbed by my skin, however, I could soon noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines around my eye area as my skin appeared hydrated and nourished.

My rating: 3.5/5

Having prepped my skin with good skin care and sunblock, my next step is to apply the CLIV Max Hyaluronic Stemcell BB Cream.

CLIV Max Hyaluronic Stemcell BB Cream is said to soothe and moisturize dry, sensitive skin after application.

Before commenting about the efficacy of this BB cream, I would like to generally mention its packaging. 

I really adore BB cream that comes in this kind of pump-tube packaging. It is easy to dispense the BB cream and most importantly, it helps to prevent oxidation and contamination of the remaining BB cream in the tube.

My thoughts:
This BB cream felt light-weighted and comfortable on my skin, and it does hydrate dry skin upon application as fine lines on the skin immediately reduced in appearance. This BB is also light refractive, therefore improving the appearance of the skin in photos.

Furthermore, with its pinkish undertone, the BB cream immediately brightened up dull looking skin and gave an overall radiance and luminous appearance to the skin. However, the downside is that this BB cream does not conceal redness of skin, pigments and blemishes.

With SPF 37/PA++, it is an added benefit in this BB cream that gives our skin sun protection in our sunny country.

My rating: 4/5

That's all I have for this post. Thank you for reading.
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