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Review: Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Hydration Skincare

Ceutical Plus, a cosmeceutical skincare brand from Taiwan, combines three main moisturising active ingredients - Margen Peptide, Xpertimoist Peptide and Tornare, stimulating our skin, keeping it delicate, supple and full of elastic. These products passed allergy test.

Margen Peptide: Works to boost the collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis, so as to activate skin's moisturising function. 

Xpertimoist: Amino acid complex and antarcticine which can moisturise and lift up skin instantly.

Tornare: Polysaccharide which resists the irritating changes of surrounding, and provides stable moisturising effect to the skin.

In this post, I will be reviewing 3 products in the Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Hydration series; 

1. Aqua Collagen Intensive Hydration Serum (S$39.90/30ml)
2. Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream (S$32.90/50ml)
3. Aqua Collagen Hydration Gel Mask (S$25.90/100ml)

It is said that these products are excellent for dehydrated skin and for skin that lacks elasticity, and this range is recommended for sensitive skin, and together with the three active ingredients they work in synergy for intensive moisturising.

These products sound promising and seem like it is able to be an answer for my skin care concerns for sensitive, dehydrated skin, and therefore, I gladly put these products to test to see if they work on my skin as claimed.

 First up is the Aqua Collagen Intensive Hydration Serum.

Below are the general information of this product, the directions to use it and the ingredients in it. 

The serum comes in a bottle packaging in which we just have to press the top pump to release the serum in the bottle.

My thoughts:
The texture is as light as water and is easy to apply onto my skin. The serum got absorbed instantly after spreading it out on my skin. I love the soothing floral scent released while applying the serum and the weightless feel on my skin. It did not leave any sticky or residual remains on my skin. The after result of this serum is like I've applied hyaluronic acid lotion on my skin, which does soften and hydrate my skin. However, sadly, this serum does not give the skin long-lasting hydration in air-conditioned/cold environment.

My rating: 3.5/5

Next, the Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream.

Below are the general information of this product, the directions to use it and the ingredients in it.

This cream comes in a plastic container with a flat cap to be removed before using the provided spatula to get the amount of cream needed.

My thoughts:
Even though the name states that it is in cream form but the texture feels like a slightly heavier texture gel. The texture and scent of this product reminds me of Dr. Ci Labo hydration cream. A small amount of this product is sufficient to hydrate the skin, and it makes my skin soft and smooth after application. However, when too much is applied, it makes the skin greasy and uncomfortable. Similar to the serum mentioned above, I find its hydrating results not long-lasting enough. Sadly, there is alcohol content in this product, which makes the cream dries up faster on the skin but it didn't give my skin a comfortable feeling after using it. 

My rating: 2.5/5 

Lastly, the Aqua Collagen Hydration Gel Mask.

Below are the general information of this product, the directions to use it and the ingredients in it.

Similar to the cream mentioned above, this gel mask comes in a plastic container with a flat cap to be removed before using the provided spatula to get the amount of gel mask needed.

My thoughts:
This gel mask really helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. I noticed the lightening of my skin tone, revealing a fairer, well hydrated skin after usage. This gel mask also gives a cooling sensation which helps to calm any sensitive reaction on my skin. I also love the soothing floral scent of this gel mask. In the ingredients, there is also aloe arborescens which helps to improve the healing function of the skin. This gel mask can be used as a weekly mask which you rinse off with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes or even use as an overnight sleeping mask which you leave it on and only rinse off in the morning. In overall, I love the gentleness of this product and I find that it works well on my sensitive skin.

My rating: 4.5/5

Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Hydration Skincare series is currently available in all Sasa outlets in Singapore except Changi City Point.

Thanks for reading! =)

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