Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gumtree's The Giving Tree Project

Gumtree’s corporate social responsibility (CSR), The Giving Tree Project invited bloggers to join them in connecting with the disadvantaged children in Children’s Aid Society’s Melrose Home, and to make a little difference in the lives of these children through the spirit of volunteering and giving back to the society that we care about.

We had purchased and prepared gifts for the children and Melrose Home through Gumtree (
Speaking from my personal experience, it is convenient to purchase from Gumtree as I get to browse many items and compare prices at the same time before finalising which seller I am going to purchase from.
The most attractive factor is that items selling at Gumtree are relatively cheaper as compared to market prices, making every item value for dollar.

The first activity of the day the Paint Your Own Flowerpot, in which the children would later use the flowerpot to grow some seeds.

This girl is really talented in mixing colours. With the limited colours provided, she managed to produce about 10 different shades of colours to paint her flowerpot.

I also got to interact with the children while assisting them in painting their flowerpots. Through our interactions, I found out that the children really love Melrose Home and the various enriching activities provided at Melrose Home. It is so touching to see that the children have a safe environment to play, learn and grow, and they are full of positive energy towards life.

While their flowerpots were placed outside to dry, it's a moment of play and fun activities for the children.

The children made me feel happy too with their innocent smiles and laughter through the games. The children showed great team spirit as they cheered their team members and my team even won one of the games. Well done kids! =)

Next, it's time for the children to plant the seeds into their flowerpots and the children were all so eager to have their own plant.

The paintings on the flowerpots revealed the simplicity and sweetness of the children and how colourful the world is to them. 
Hope these children will stay cheerful forever and not let any circumstances pull them down in life, and I believe that one day, they will grow and blossom like the plants they are going to care for, and they will definitely have better futures and live better lives. =)

During the tea break, the children were given healthier choice of McDonald's Happy Meal consisting of chicken nuggets, corn, apple slices and a packet of ribena. The faces of the children immediately led up upon knowing that they are having McDonald's. =)

The time spent with the children may be short but thank you Gumtree and Text100 for including me in this meaningful project and giving me the opportunity to bring smiles to the children’s faces!

Lastly, signing off with our group photos. That was really a happy day for all of us, and I believe the children too! ^_^

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