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Bellabox Summer Fresh (August)

As the title states, the contents of my August Bellabox and my reviews for the products. Tighten your seat belts and ride on this exciting journey to discover the contents of my Bellabox!

What a huge pretty paper bag I have here? Compare it to my fist and you can expect this month's Bellabox to hold many items!

Take a peep inside...... I see the blue box and overflowing items that the blue box could not contain......

I am always excited to open up my blue box and find out what's the design on the card and the sticker that Bellabox is using.

Look at the eye catching neon polka dots wrapper with a watermelon sticker! So Japanese style, and overloading with cuteness!

I am not going to keep you in suspense, so here I have, laying out all the items I received in my August Bellabox. There are just so many wonderful items. Thank you Bellabox for the generous contents! =)

1. Petal Fresh Organics Aloe & Citrus Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, 475ml/ S$14.90 each
A revitalizing and hydrating duo that moisturizes and soothes with organic aloe vera, and gently cleanses and rejuvenates with organic citrus. I love the refreshing scent of these products when using but the scent doesn't linger on my hair for too long. The shampoo is gentle in cleansing too, it does not result in dryness of my scalp or my hair. This haircare may be a choice for people looking for haircare containing organic ingredients but do note that this is not a 100% organic product.

2. Sleek eyeliner in Nocturnal, 4g/ S$14
A black crayon eyeliner that imparts a soft, creamy texture and glides on your lids. I don't really fancy this eyeliner, because firstly, the crayon is too soft and fragile and I'm really afraid that I am going to break it if I exert a little more strength, secondly, the black isn't too dark or pigmented. I love super dark black eyeliner. Thirdly, it does not dry up immediately, resulting in smudging. I won't really use it as an eyeliner so I think I am going to use it as a creamy eyeshadow since it works well with some blending.

3. Finale Whitening Cream, 30g/ S$15.90
A natural whitening cream that works to significantly brighten underarm and inner thigh for skin clarity and tone. Do you notice the green tube product in this photo below? That's the one. I love using this product as it is gentle on my skin and it emits a soothing floral scent when using it. This product contains squalene which helps to heal damaged skin structure, aloe vera which soothes the skin and glycolic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells. After using, I noticed that my skin became much moisturized and lighter in skin tone. This is really an amazing and wonderful product that I will share and recommend.

4. UV Aqua White Starter Kit
Purifying Toner, 150ml/ S$15.90
Daily Defense Serum, 30ml/ S$25.90
CC Cream, 30ml/ S$28.90
Consisting of a Purifying Toner, a Daily Denfense Serum and CC Cream, this powerful trio started kit is your kick-starter to a 'snowy white, dewy bright' skin. Boasting a potent W.H.I.T.E Complex in an exclusive 5 benefits in one botanical formulation, each product works together to Whiten, Hydrate, Illuminate, Tightens and increase skin Elasticity.
UV Aqua products are one of the best skin care range that I have ever come across and they do work up to their standards and promises. I love their products and their products also does not result in clogging of skin or breakouts in Singapore's humid weather. It works well in hydrating and clarifying my skin. The only downside is the results being unable to last for more than 6 hours on my skin. Other than the wearing off of the efficacy of the products, everything else works wonders for my skin.

5. Alexiares & Ani The Deity SPF30 Mattifying Sunscreen, 30ml/ S$39
A SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen that keeps the skin comfortably shielded from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, this day lotion leaves an invisible featherweight matte finish. Great for use under makeup, it is free from preservative, fragrance and oil, and is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.

6. Laneige Water Bank Essence EX, 60ml/ S$60
Laneige's bestselling ultra-hydrating essence that thoroughly soaks the skin with intensive hydration for instant 24-hour smoother and suppler skin.

7. Tealy Premium Tea
Earl Grey Creme, Anjou Paradise Ceylon, Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle & Mint Chocolate Truffle Black Tea/ S$11 each
Mint Rooibus & Lemon Lemongrass Tea/ S$12.50
Each box contains 20 tea bags made of good quality net. Although the smell of the tea is heavenly but after brewing, I find the taste pretty blend and lacks the tea fragrance that lingers on the tongue after drinking it.

8. Kneipp Body Care
Body Lotion, 200ml/ S$34.90
Body Wash, 200ml/ S$14.90
Body Oil, 200ml/ S$22.90
An uplifting body lotion and body wash duo that soothes and rejuvenates with its natural aromatherapeutic and nourishing benefits.

Here are all the items I have in my Bellabox.
If you would like to subscribe to Bellabox, monthly subscription is S$19.95, more information at Bellabox website:

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