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Bellabox La Petite Parisienne (July)

If you are a follower of monthly Bellabox post, I would like to apologise for this late post. Time passes so fast when we least expected it or when we bury ourselves in living our lives.

If you have seen other July Bellaboxes, you would have already knew that July Bellabox is as awesome as previous Bellaboxes if not better. Likewise for me, I was so thrilled when I saw the contents and eagerly took out products and placed them on my vainty table to try out instantly.

I adore this macaron sticker! Macaron is my favourite dessert for a sweet-tooth person, totally irresistible!

Here are the contents in my July Bellabox. I literally screamed like a little girl receiving her favourite toys.

1. Hanaka Hydro Rejuvenate Set By Beaute Me, Box of 10 facial masks/ S$25
A set of 10 moisturising and rejuvenating facial masks that contain a series of curated skin nourishing ingredients for maximum skin hydration.

The facial mask comes in a shape of a macaron which is really cute. Each half of the macaron has its individual protective seal in which you only peel off before using. I love this creative macaron design but problem comes when I have remaining mask, yet with the protective seal peeled off, I cannot keep the remaining mask for the next use. 

When using, we are to apply a layer of the mask, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. This mask contains ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen,  Soluble collagen and hyaluronic acid etc. which promised whitening and hydrating results after usage. After trying this mask, I find its texture pretty similar to the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, and it does result in some lightening of skin tone and hydrates my skin like any general facial masks. 

2. Lollipops Glossy Lipstick in Fatal Cocktail, S$27
An ultra-nourishing lipstick with a shiny, shimmery finish, leaving my lips with coral shade glossy finish. It is free of paraben, preservative and lanolin.

The lipstick comes in a thin and sleek packaging, which is light weight and convenient to be kept in a makeup pouch. I love its coral shade, which appears natural on the lips and it works like a lip tint, so after a meal, the glossy appearance may fade off but the colour remains visible on my the lips, and can only be thoroughly removed by using makeup remover.

3. L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Emergency Care (Miracle Split End Sealer), 4 x 15ml/ S$16
Packed with active ingredients LAK 1000 to address 5 signs of damaged hair, this rinse-off treatment is tested to seal up 6,500 split ends in just one use. For premium hair health and gorgeous tresses day after day. After trying it, I find that this product does helped to make my hair ends smoother but I can't really prove if it seals up split ends or not.

4. L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Anti-Dullness UV Protector, 30ml/ S$22.90
A silky smooth sunscreen that offers lasting UV protection, and its lightweight texture offers sun-shielding properties of SPF 50+UVB UVA PA+++ for up to 12 hours long.

5. Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret EDP, 100ml/ S$200
Brilliantly refreshing with an uplifting fruity floral scent, this fragrance seduces with its unique "jasmine tea" theme. After trying, I would comment that this fragrance has a gentle smelling sweet floral scent but the scent fades off and becomes much paler by mid-day. 

6. Nuxe White Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion, 50ml/ S$65
A rejuvenating emulsion that brightens and moisturizes the skin, it contains power-packed rice powder ingredient that absorbs excess sebum and mattifies skin without clogging pores, giving a fresh and refined complexion after application. In my opinion, I enjoyed using this product and love the brightening and oil-free appearance of my skin after application, however, the mattify look of my skin only managed to last till afternoon before my skin turned shiny from excess sebum production.

7. Glamglow Super Mud Clearing Treatment, 34g/ S$92
A skin clearing mud treatment crafted with an exclusive ACNECIDE-6 proprietary 6acid AHA & BHA blend to reveal exceptionally clearer and healthy-looking skin. I used it as a weekly detoxifying mask for my skin and using it to gently exfoliate my skin to remove dead skin cells before rinsing off. I find this product gentle on my skin and it helped to balance the sebum production of my skin. However, I can't tell if it works on curing acne or preventing acne as the result hasn't been visible on my skin.

8. Lierac Sensory Oil with 3 White Flowers, 100ml/ S$68
A multi-purpose oil for face, body and hair, its silky-smooth formula nourishes while releasing a calming scent that relaxes the mind and body. I love this product as I used it to tame my frizzy ends and moisturizing oil for my cracked skin and results have been positive. I also love the relaxing scent of this product.

9. Glamglow Youth Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, 50g/ S$92
Achieve instant 3-day glow with this mud mask treatment that encourages skin's collagen synthesis for a flawless complexion.

10. PhytoKeratine Ultra-Repairing Mask, 200ml/ Launching soon
A 95% natural botanical formula to relieve unstructured hair from further damage, this ultra-repairing mask intensively repairs even the most battered hair type.

Here are all that I have in July Bellabox with monthly subscription of S$19.95 and free shipping.
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