Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler, Does it Work?

Thanks to Omy and Panasonic, I got to try out a heated eyelash curler, the Panasonic EH-SE60VP Eyelash Curler.

Before this, I don't have the habit of using any eyelash curler because firstly, I tend to end up clipping my eyelids due to my puffy eyelids, secondly, my eyelashes are pretty stubborn, so even if they curled after using an eyelash curler, it will still droop down after a few hours with my mascara on.

However, after trying Panasonic, it changed my perspective a little.

The benefits that impressed me are the lengthening appearance of my lashes after using the heated eyelash curler and having my mascara on. Next, I am so happy to find out that my lashes stayed curled for much longer period of time, almost half a day, which awesome enough for my stubborn lashes.

Here's my eyelashes before I do anything to it, and my eyelashes are always pointing downward.

After applying heat to the base (near to the roots) of my eyelashes, I noticed that my eyelashes curled up quite a bit. Although it took quite a few minutes for my eyelashes to curl up but the curl and lengthening of my eyelashes could be visibly noticed after coating my eyelashes with mascara.

Here's my eyelashes after curling, but not coated with mascara yet.

After coating with mascara, to my surprise, my eyelashes curled up instead of droop down. I'm really amaze with this result!

Thankfully the heat from the eyelash curler was bearable and it did not cause any burns to my lashes or my skin. This equipment is definitely safe and effective to use, although it can be a little time-consuming to curl my lashes.

I love its eye-catching pink colour and the sleek design is suitable to be brought for travelling.

I love the colour indicator (the circle near the comb) which changes colour from purple to pink to indicate that the eyelash curler is ready to use.

However, in order for the comb to continue turning 360 degrees, my thumb has to keep pressing and pushing the button, which can be a little straining on my finger after a while.

Overall, it is a positive experience using Panasonic EH-SE60VP Eyelash Curler.

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