Monday, July 28, 2014

Omy and Panasonic Blog Awards Workshop

As one of the Top 10 bloggers for the Best Beauty Blog Award, I was invited to a workshop at Singapore Press Holdings where I got to learn how to use the Panasonic beauty gadgets.

We were taught 3 different hairstyles (Business Casual, Hot Date, and Gala Dinner) using 
Panasonic EH-NA45,VP Nanocare and Ionity Hair Dryer, and 
Panasonic EH-HS95-K, Hair Straightener.

I have created a video of the hair tutorials for your easy reference on how to create the 3 hairstyles. 

Sneak peek to what you get to see in the video.

Panasonic EH-NA45,VP Nanocare and Ionity Hair Dryer

Nanoe provides moisture for smooth, healthy hair and scalp. Nanoe has the same pH as scalp and hair.

Hair: Nanoe (approx. 5-20nm)penetrates deep into the hair to maintain moisture content of hair to keep hair 4x more resistant to damage and 10% smoother.

Scalp: Nanoe transforms sebum into water-soluble components to reduce 75% excess sebum for a healthier, more hygienic scalp and 15% increase in moisture.

Ionity provides negative ion conditioning for glossy hair.
Panasonic exclusive twin negative ion outlet effectively directs negative ions towards hair. Ions provide protective coating to keep moisture locked in.

15% increase in moisture content of hair to keep hair 4x more resistant to damage and 10% smoother.
75% reduction in excess sebum for a healthier, more hygienic scalp.
Drying speed increased by 20%.
Avoid excessive heating with a set mode of 50'C.
Ion charge function to penetrate moisture deep inside hair.

2 speed selections
3 temperature selections
Healthy Set mode of 50'C
External nanoe outlet
Ion charge grip
Automatic overheating protective device

Panasonic EH-HS95-K, Hair Straightener

Nanoe that retains 1000x more moisture in the hair than ion,
improves hair straightening performance by 35'C with its stable heater,
photo-ceramic coated which reduces colour fading by 2/3,
maintains more hair moisture by 14.5%,
intelligent sensing system that reduces plate temperature to 170'C when detecting not in use, by detecting use it will automatically return to original temperature, power supply auto shut off in 60 minutes.

5 temperature settings (150'C, 170'C, 180'C, 190'C, 200'C)
Open-Close lock
Rotary Power Cord
Photo-ceramic coating

At the workshop, I tried doing curls on my friend's hair using Panasonic hair straightener and also tried straightening her hair afterwards. It is really unbelievable that despite placing the hair under the heat of the hair straightener for many times, the hair actually felt smoother after each use. 

That was my first time functioning a hair straightener and I have never used hair straightener before, so really, I am totally amazed by this nanocare hair straightener! 

Here's her hair before doing anything to it. 

Curl created using the Panasonic EH-HS95-K, Hair Straightener.

I love how smooth, silky, straight hair could be done using Panasonic EH-HS95-K, Hair Straightener.

This post is a sneak peep for now, before I share more about using 
1) Panasonic EH-SA31VP, Facial Ionic Steamer
2) Panasonic EH-SE60VP, Eyelash Curler 
3) Panasonic EH-HS95-K, Hair Straightener 

Signing off with photos! 

Group photo of all attendees at the workshop.

Top 10 beauty bloggers.

Photo with my blogger friends! ^_^

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