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Nuffnang Lovin’ x The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

Thank you Nuffnang for the open doors and opportunity to attend this event at The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Singapore. It was an enjoyable experience trying out splendid food at The Terrace and mingling with like-minded bloggers.

The Terrace is an extension of Conrad Centennial Singapore and the prices at The Terrace are all NETT.
There are a lot of desserts available at The Terrace for sweet-tooth like myself and I find myself becoming a kid, running about in joy as I went exploring all that were available at The Terrace.

The Terrace has beautiful takeaway boxes in colours of cheerful yellow and elegant black. I can't express how much I love the design and colour of their boxes.

If you are a coffee lover, you really got to try their coffee. I love their latte, so smooth and milky!
Expresso is served in a little cup that comes with a saucer glued to the cup. 
Other coffees are all served in the bigger size white cup.
The yellow mugs can be purchased at The Terrace and you can always bring the mug back to The Terrace and refill your coffee for only S$3.70/.S$4.90 Nett. 
Or, receive the mug for free on your 7th coffee order! Awesome deal! 

I love the ambience of the place, it is quiet and peaceful. Definitely a great place to spend a quiet afternoon having awesome coffee and appetizing desserts with a book in the hand.

For the start, it is great to have a puff to fill the growling tummy follow by a dessert to satisfy the taste buds.

Chicken Curry Puff (S$6.50 nett).
The puff consists of a generous amount of chicken chunks and potatoes. 
I find that the taste of this Chicken Curry Puff rather similar to Old Chang Kee's curry puff but for the huge portion and generous fillings in this puff, I'll gladly pay for it. This puff really satisfies for the taste buds if you are having cravings for curry with minimal spiciness. 

Calzone with Chicken and Mushroom (S$7.50 nett)
The skin is thin and a little crispy, yet the inside is spilling full with slices of chicken and shreds of mushrooms.
I thought this Calzone would be delish judging from the look of it but sadly, the chicken and mushrooms were rather dry and the Calzone cooled down rather fast after being served only awhile ago. I would have appreciate this Calzone much more if it was piping hot and the chicken and mushrooms were succulent enough.

Glazed Macadamia Chocolate Fondant (S$7.00 nett).
The dessert is definitely only for Chocolate lovers and the sweet-tooth because it is so rich and full of thick chocolate!
The chocolate used was of premium quality and definitely value for money. This chocolate fondant is highly recommended and is a must-have at The Terrace! 

Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch (S$11.00 nett).
The top part is of rich hazelnut chocolate mousse and for the bottom, it's sponge cake with hazelnut crunch coated with sugar. This dessert is definitely sinful but the taste is really good and highly recommended for everyone to try this. Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch is the famed signature cake at The Terrace.

At The Terrace, they also have all kinds of fruit juices, frappes, soda drinks, teas and coffees etc.
I got to try the Juiceology Lychee, Berry and Basil drink (S$6.00 nett) and shared the Organic Light Cola (S$5.50 nett) with the other bloggers.

This Organic Cola has 40% less sugar and is free from any genetically modified or artificial ingredients. 
The taste is pretty much like normal Cola except that this is less sweet and less carbonated. A healthier choice of Cola!

  Juiceology Lychee, Berry and Basil drink (S$6.00 nett).
It is a refreshing drink with a blend of spiciness from the basil and slight tinge of sourness from the berry but I can't really taste the lychee though.

T-wrap (S$7.50 nett).
The T-wrap consists of chicken shavings wrapped with garlic sauce, vegetables and your choice of BBQ Sauce or Wasabi Sauce.
T-wrap with Wasabi Sauce.
T-wrap with BBQ Sauce.
I shared the T-wrap with the other bloggers as it was difficult to finish it on my own. The T-wrap was too dry and the chicken shavings were rather dry in texture too but I do appreciate that lean meat was used. 
For the Wasabi T-wrap, there was too little wasabi in it and we could hardly taste any wasabi. 
For the BBQ sauce T-wrap, the T-wrap tasted better with the complement of the savoury BBQ sauce. 
The T-wrap is definitely a healthier choice for people who wants to have a healthier meal with lower calories. 

If you love fruit tarts, I recommend you to try their Exotic Fruit Tart (S$7.00 nett).
Fresh fruits were used and I love their mango slices which were juicy and sweet! I also love the appealing milky taste of the crust and the cream which does not make the tart tastes gelat. 

If you are thinking of having breakfast at The Terrace, I recommend you to try their Granola & Soya Milk with Strawberry (S$6.00 nett).
Start your day with a healthy meal of granola and light soya milk, which provides you with the energy and nutrients your body needs. Lastly, topped with fresh strawberries to give you the anti-oxidants and fulfill a portion of fruits servings you need for the day.

If you are having high-tea, it is difficult not to include something sweet like macroons and chocolates, right?

You got to check out the macaroons and chocolate pralines at The Terrace! 
A whole lot of sweet stuffs shared among 3 people. 

The Terrace has 4 flavours of Macaroons - Lemon, Pistachio, Strawberry, and Passion fruit and Chocolate.
(Small piece at S$1.80 nett, Medium piece at S$2.50 nett, Large piece at S$3.00 nett.)
If you like a mixture of sweetness with a tinge of sourness, you got to try their Lemon Macaroon
If you love Pistachios with Caramel sweetness, then go for their Pistachio Macaroon
If you like really sweet stuff, go for their Strawberry Macaroon which tasted like Strawberry Ripple ice-cream. 
If you want something special, go for their Passion fruit and Chocolate Macaroon. Sadly, the Passion fruit tasted more like Orange but the chocolate is great though!

Enough of macaroons? Why not try some chocolates?
You surely cannot miss out the Chocolate Pralines at The Terrace if you are a chocolate lover!
(3 pieces for S$9.00 nett, 12 pieces at S$25.00 nett, 24 pieces at S$25.00 nett).
Their Chocolate Pralines have too many flavours for me to remember, and I remember they have white chocolate praline, strawberry praline, lavender praline, lemon praline, almond praline and many more!

It was a great afternoon spent at The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Singapore, a worthy place to let your taste buds be exposed to all kinds of tastes!

The Terrace
Conrad Centennial Singapore
2 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038982
Phone: +65 6334 8888
Opening Hours:
Weekdays - 7am to 8pm
Weekends - 9am to 8pm

Thank you Nuffnang and The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Singapore once again for the hospitality. 

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