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HABA Ion-My-Esthe II Treatment and HABA Skincare Review

HABA stands for Health And Beauty Aid. HABA believes in beauty from the inside-out; the concept of right skincare and healthcare.

HABA is from Hokkaido, Japan and their products are
1. Paraben-Free
2. Mineral Oil-Free
3. Artificial Colorant-Free
4. Artificial Fragrance-Free
5. Petrochemical Surfactant-Free

HABA uses ingredients such as sasa kurilensis water (bamboo extract) which acts as a preservative, contains antibacterial properties and helps to keep skin moisturized. HABA only uses ingredients that are safe and healthy for the skin.

I had the opportunity to experience their Ion-My-Esthe-II Treatment and had a makeover at HABA after that. I also had a set of HABA Skincare which I will be sharing my reviews of HABA products in this post.

A shot of myself before the treatment and soon after, I had my makeup all removed for the treatment to begin. HABA has a 3 steps skincare routine - Cleanse, Moisturize, Protection.

Step 1: Protecting Moisture Levels while Cleansing Gently 
HABA Squa Cleansing (Makeup Remover) is a luxurious soap-free make-up remover. It effectively and gently cleansed away stubborn waterproof eye makeup yet able to maintain the skin's natural moisture. Formulated with Squalane Oil and hibiscus flower extracts, these ingredients work to calm, clean and hydrates the skin.
Squalane is actually a natural moisturizer inherent in the human body, however, the amount secreted decreases with age. HABA has developed Squalane refined to the maximum of 99.9% purity.

I have been using HABA Squa Cleansing (120ml for S$46, 240ml for S$81, 240ml Refill for S$77) for a month and I love how it cleanses my skin of all the makeup and dirt. It is formulated to be gentle to even dehydrated and delicate skin.

It spreads across my face easily and cleanses the face thoroughly of dirt and makeup with a small amount. 
Apply in circular motion to gently remove the dirt and makeup from the skin. 
Squa Cleansing can be washed off with cold or lukewarm water.
For point makeup removal (eyes & lips), soak an appropriate amount of Squa Cleansing with a cotton pad and wipe away the makeup.

I love my well-cleansed skin using HABA Squa Cleansing. No feeling of tightness or dryness on my skin at all!

After cleansing, White Lady (Whitening Serum) was applied to my skin. It is an additional product used before the official Step 2 for people hoping to brighten their dull skin.

White Lady (10ml for S$29, 30ml for $78, 53ml for S$120) is Japan's Number 1 whitening serum based on doctor's formula.
It works on skin problems such as dark spots, dullness, fine lines and clogged pores. White Lady also evens out the texture of the skin and produce a whitening effect that is natural to the skin. HABA's White Lady is a blockbuster beauty essence that sold more than 7.5 million bottles worldwide as of October 2013.

Four or five pumps of White Lady is enough for the entire face. Take an ample amount and gently pat on with fingertips.

This intensive skin care serum contains Sasa Kurilensis Water and water-soluble vitamin C derivative. Within a week of using White Lady, I could see visible results on my skin. I love how instantly my skin absorbs White Lady and it never fail to give me brighter, radiant skin after use. White Lady can also suppress the excess secretion of sebum and make my pores appear smaller in size.

Step 2: Replenish Moisture Levels
VC Lotion II (Healing Toner) was used on my skin. This gentle yet effective quasi-drug whitening lotion with Vitamin C derivative and Ceramide nanosome quickly penetrates and moisturizes the skin.

VC Lotion II (180ml for S$85) has water soluble Vitamin C derivatives to keep blemishes at bay, making skin clear and translucent. It also contains Ceramide made into nano-sized capsules (100 to 150 nm) and acts as an intercelluar glue to bind corneum cells. The capsules are small enough to penetrate into the skin deeply and keep moisture in the skin for a longer period of time.

It is advised by HABA that for beautiful skin that's resistant to damage, sufficient moisture in the skin is necessary. Instead of putting a lot of toner at one time, it is better to apply a bit of toner several times by patting lightly on the skin with both hands. 
I have tried HABA's method and I find that it really works!. I realized that when we pile on too much of lotion on the skin at one time, it actually adds weight and burdened the skin. Therefore, applying the lotion a little at a time is a better method for the skin to absorb the goodness from the lotion.

For an intensive moisturizing treatment, soak a cotton pad with VC Lotion and place it on the dry area. Leave the pack on for 5-10 minutes.

During my Ion My Esthe II Treatment, HABA Beauty Assistant patted the White Lady on my skin, followed by putting on a sheet mask soaked with VC Lotion II before using the ionizer on my face.
HABA ionizer "Ion-My-Esthe II" (facial instrument) comes with dual function
1) Ion Care - promotes collagen production and control the surfacing of melanin
2) Ion Cleansing - tightens pores and reduces skin dullness

Ion-My-Esthe II (S$350) 

In Ion cleansing mode, the micro-electric current extracts dirt from the skin which normal facial cleansing cannot and it helps to tighten and refine pores, evens skin tone and brightens skin, and allow better absorption of skincare products.

In Ion care mode, the negatively charged serum is delivered deep into the skin where it can promote collagen production, control melanin production, normalize metabolism and eliminate free radicals.

The ionizer makes a difference to our skin in just 8 minutes! I have tried it once and I noticed that my skin became visibly fairer and slightly firmer after the ion care treatment.

Step 3: Protect your Skin's Moisture
The last step in HABA's skincare routine is protection and Whitening Squalane (Beauty Oil) was applied to my skin. 

Whitening Squalane (15ml for S$34, 30ml for S$62, 60ml for S$116) has osmotic Vitamin C derivative and it actively works on free radicals and melanin. Formulated for all skin types, it firms, brightens and hydrates, leaving skin smoother, softer and supple. It can be used as a highly effective daily moisturizer and soothes skin after facial treatments or sunburn. HABA's high quality Squalane is 99.9% pure, and it works to block out damage from the environment while protecting your skin. 

With moist hands, after applying the lotion, put a drop of Squalane oil on our palms and spread the oil out before patting it onto the skin. It is important that the hands and face are moist prior to applying Squalane oil in order for the oil to blend well and create a well-balanced film over the skin. 

If you skin feels dry or tight, repeat toner application and increase the amount of Squalane oil used from one to two or three drops. It is not advisable to over apply Squalane. The ideal skin moisture-oil balance is a generous amount of moisture plus a little oil.

Although Squalane oil is in oil form but it is very light-weight and it does not feel greasy at all. It got absorbed into my skin almost instantly and I love how smooth my skin becomes after using it.

HABA skincare products are really good and I never regret trying them. HABA products are Paraben-Free, Mineral Oil-Free, Artificial Colorant-Free, Artificial Fragrance-Free, and Petrochemical Surfactant-Free. The products are most suitable for sensitive skin and even if you have normal skin, HABA products help in skin healing and strengthen the skin structure with prolong usage. 

After the facial treatment, HABA Beauty Assistant assisted in applying HABA's special range of cosmetics on me. HABA cosmetics uses mineral colour - beautiful, natural pigment extracted from rocks, stones and soil that are 100% safe and gentle on all skin types.

Last, but not least, HABA is preparing a set of HABA skincare to giveaway to my readers too.
Yip yip hurray! Stay tuned for the upcoming post to see how you can win a full set of HABA skincare!

You can also quote Yvonne at HABA outlets to enjoy 15% discount, valid till end of May 2014.

Find out more about HABA products, promotions and giveaways at

Thanks for reading this post! :)
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  1. Sounds convincing. Great meeting you last night.

    1. Hi Wee Ping! Great getting to know you too! :)

      You got to try these products, they're quite good. Only need to use a small amount and they provide all that your skin needs. Definitely value for money since each product can last quite a long period of time! I'm currently having a giveaway for products of this brand and you can get to win a set of skincare products for yourself too! :))

      Check out this link for more info.


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