Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Bloggers Party at Back Stage Cafe

It was my pleasure to be invited to #TheFaceShop event and to witness their new sun protection range, Natural Sun Eco, and the event was held at #BackStageCafe.

I believe everyone knows that using a good skincare product can ensure good skin but do you know that sun protection is very important as well?
This is because cumulative daily UV damage causes sunburn, accelerates skin aging, deepening dark spots and also create wrinkles. Thus, having a good sunblock is very important!
The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco launch this time round focuses very much on protecting our skin against harmful UV.

The Face Shop launched a total of 8 different types of product in the Natural Sun Eco range and for the SPF40PA++ sunblock, there is the Natural Sun Eco Oil Cut Sun Cream SPF40PA++ and the Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel SPF40PA++. These 2 products are sunblocks except that Natural Sun Eco Oil Cut Sun Cream SPF40PA++ is suitable for oily skin as it contains sebum absorbing powder whereas Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel SPF40PA++ is suitable for dry skin as it comes in a water based formula to provide extra hydration to the skin and it also soothes and calms irritated skin. 

On every table, there were the Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel SPF40PA++, Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting SPF45PA+++ and the Natural Sun Eco Body and Family Mild SPF40PA+++.

I was very much keen to find out the difference between Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel SPF40PA++ and Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting SPF45PA+++ and swatched both products at the event.
It is visible that Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting SPF45PA+++ comes as a tinted sunblock which works as skincare and cosmetic at the same time, giving us sun protection and works as a makeup base whereas Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel SPF40PA++ just works as a sunblock. 
Texture-wise, Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel SPF40PA++ is more watery in texture and glides easily on the skin, giving fuss-free application of the product whereas Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting SPF45PA+++ is slightly thicker is texture and works well as a makeup base giving mild coverage. This product is great for a day where you just want to look natural, not pile on too many products or colours on your face, yet not wanting to compromise on looking presentable.

On our table, there was also a stalk of my favourite flower -- Sunflower! The sunflower has my customised name tag on and there's also a little pretty-looking goodie bag. 

Back Stage Cafe also hosted us with their cakes, pastries and light dishes. In my opinion, I find the taste of the food were pretty decent although not super delish but most importantly, the food look really appetizing to the eye and that's good enough to make me want to eat them all!

At the event, I also met Sheena, the ambassador for The Face Shop. She was the model for the products application demonstration that day. Sheena is really a sweet and pretty lady.

At the end of the event, all bloggers took a photo together with The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco products and that marked the end of the event.

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco products are already available at all The Face Shop outlets.

In overall, The Natural Sun Eco is a mild sunblock product line with UV protection and contains sun protecting natural plant ingredients that is great for sensitive skin. Whats more, the products acts as a makeup base with coverage, it’s perfect for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Try out this wonderful range of sunblocks!

Lastly, thank you The Face Shop for this event and the goodies which I currently enjoy using, especially the Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion SPF50+ PA+++.

Before I end of this post, I just want to share about The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ which I really adore using and it has 5 different functions in just one product.

Upon opening the case, there is an interior mirror, an application puff and a seal to be removed.

Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ is light-weight and it does not come with heavy texture nor heavy coverage. The good thing about this is that the degree of coverage can be controlled by individual, so at anytime when you want a better coverage, you can always apply slightly more of the foundation and blot off the excess afterwards for the healthy, natural glowy skin appearance. Furthermore, the product is pretty moisturizing on the skin and help to minimize the appearance of pore. Lastly, when the weather gets warmer with the increase in temperature, this product works in cooling down the skin and aid in reducing the red flush appearance on the skin. 
My rating: 4/5
At anytime, you can always walk in to The Face Shop outlets and try out the texture of this amazing Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion SPF50+ PA+++.

That's all for this post, thank you for reading to the end! :)

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  1. Any oil control for the eco smart cushion? :)

    1. Hi Cherie, no oil control for the eco smart cushion.

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