Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bellabox Innovative Beauty! (April)

Bellabox is getting better and more innovative as time goes by. Thumbs up to Bellabox for the effort to continue getting better and awesome!
And for the month of April, other than constantly providing their subscribers with wonderful, wide varieties of products to test out, Bellabox is getting innovative and we can scan the QR code sticker to enjoy a special bb member privilege!

1. Fragrance Du Bois Oud Rose/ Jaune Intense, Small pot (5 serum capsules)/S$55, Large pot (12 serum capsules)/S$80, 50ml bottle/S$395
Give yourself an instant upgrade from the classy to classy chic with a spritz of Oud Rose's alluring and sweet fragrance! Or, be charmed with an enchanting brew of sparkling fruity floral and musky vanilla from Oud Jaune!
Ingredients in each fragrance:

Click on the image below to find out more about the different fragrances available.

2. Korres Basil and Lemon Body Milk, 200ml/S$30
Combine a moisture-packed essemble and a dash of Basil and Lemon zest for a hydrating and refreshing finale to a luxurious shower treat! I love the refreshing scent of this body milk. The refreshing lemon scent with a slight hint of basil, which combines together helps to uplift my spirit. The hydrating result is promising too! Korres products always never fail to work up to its promises.

3. Jacqueline Burchell Brush on Gel, Set of 4 colours and 1 top coat/S$60
Discover Jacqueline Burchell's latest innovation, the Brush on Gel, a revolutionary gel polish that sets and keeps your colour and shine on just like a regular gel manicure. All you need to do is finish off with an exclusive sealant - no UV light needed - for long-lasting durability!

The polishes that I received are NCR003 (oxblood red) and Sealant (colourless topcoat).
The texture feels quite similar to gel polish, leaving the nails with a smooth and more durable surface but it isn't as long-lasting as gel polish. As compared to gel polishes, Jacqueline Burchell Brush on Gel dries faster and it can be easily removed just by peeling off. The peeling action does not harm nor destroy the nails, so it gives us the flexibility to switch nail colours as and when we would like to.

4. Aloxxi Hydrating Shampoo, 300ml/S$38
Enhanced with 10 antioxidants extracts, Olive Oil and Avocado Oil, this hydrating shampoo is said to protect the hair against harmful UV rays and strengthens coloured hair back to youthful health. I have not tried this shampoo yet because even though my hair is coloured but it is not damaged, so it is difficult for me to tell whether this shampoo works or not.

5. Jill Lowe Beauty Concealer, 10g/S$38
Formulated with the finest mineral compounds, get ready for a seamless look that offers maximum, buildable coverage.
The shade I received has a pinkish undertone, so I can only use it to conceal brown pigments on my skin but not redness. Although it offers buildable coverage, but the concealer does not long on the skin and can be easily removed when I perspired, rubbed or scratched my skin.

6. JYUNKA Ultra Defence UV Pro SPF50, 10ml/S$48, 30ml/S$117
This lightweight sunscreen is your knight in shining armour, boasting a SPF 50 UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection shield against the raging sun's damaging rays. It is slightly tinted to help even out your skin tone and give your complexion a gentle glow. I have not started using this product yet, but with an SPF 50, it definitely gives us sufficient protection against the harmful sun's rays in Singapore's weather but I can't tell it's texture and efficacy just yet, until I try it one day.

That's all we have for April Bellabox. :) 

Monthly subscription is S$19.95, more information at Bellabox website:
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  1. thanks for sharing! i'll try bellabox in future :) but how do you know if the skin shades are suitable for yours? ia lways can't tell haha

  2. Hi littletinysun,

    Thanks for visiting and reading this post. Hope you will enjoy #bellaboxsg too! What do you mean by "skin shades"? Which product are you referring to?


    1. like the beauty concealer :) sometimes they have bb or cc cream, and then the tone is either too dark or light for me!

    2. I see... Sometimes they do give darker shade but most of the time Bellabox gives common shade that is suitable for most skin tones, so I'm alright with it. :)


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