Saturday, March 22, 2014

VanityTrove's Get, Snap, Blingo Project Launch @ Zouk

VanityTrove launched their latest project, Get Snap Blingo at Zouk some time back It was a night of activities which we had to participate in, take photos and share on VanityTrove's new social media platform.

VanityTrove's new social media platform is like a platform that combines Facebook and Instagram together and you can always use it on the go as long as you have smartphone. You can also find me on their platform with this link

At the event, we were treated to desserts and ice-creams but the desserts were swept out almost immediately. They were just too awesomely delicious!

Remember I mentioned earlier that we were supposed to participate in activities? Yup, so we just had to accomplish the activities and share our photos on VanityTrove social media platform, hastag #gsb and our photos will be printed out at the photobooth. 

Here are some of the activities which we had to participate in, like get your gelish manicure done by the manicurist on one hand and DIY on your other hand, try out L'Oreal Paris latest steampod equipment, try out Benefit's They're Real Mascara, etc..

There were also stage demonstrations.

It was a night of fun and excitement meeting other bloggers. 
Congrats to VanityTrove once again for launching their new social media platform and thank you for having me!

Signing off with a group shot with my friends and the goodie bag kindly presented by VanityTrove and their generous sponsors.

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