Saturday, March 15, 2014

Talika Light Duo+ Launch Event at Forlino

I attended the Talika Light Duo+ Launch which was held at Forlino Restaurant to understand the wonders of light therapy to help reduce skin's redness, dark spots and wrinkles.

I can't help but take photo of the lovely white roses on the table. There is even a tiara to accessorise this rose bouquet. Can you spot it?

For several years Talika has been exploring the secrets and virtues of light from discoveries made by Nasa in the 1970’s.

In 2008, light revealed its 1st secret: each light wavelength has specific healing properties on the skin.Thanks to this technological discovery, Talika launched the 1st cosmetic revolution and created Light Therapy.

And Talika makes this revolutionary technology accessible to the general public thanks to mobile LED appliances: Lights.
► LIGHT 590® (collagen synthesis stimulator: -32% wrinkles in 28 days / 45 seconds per day*).
► LIGHT 525® (skin lightener: -46% dark spots in 28 days / 2 mins per day*).
► LIGHT DUO®, a combination of LIGHT 590® and LIGHT 525® combining both, anti-aging and anti-dark spot.
(*Clinical test on 30 volunteers.)

At the event, we were told that the wavelength from each light colour is absorbed by the skin and reaches different layers of cells (and blood capillaries). There are green light, yellow light and red light in one device and each works for a different purpose. 
525 nm ► Melanocytes: anti-dark spots.
590 nm ► Fibroblasts: anti-aging, anti-wrinkle.
630 nm ► Fibroblasts, keratinocytes, blood capillaries: anti-redness. 

The light penetrates the skin to reach the cells found in the various layers of the epidermis.

Here's the device with the light off and the shape and design of this device reminds me of beehive. Haha. 

Red light is something that my skin needs the most! My skin always look red as my skin is sensitive to dusty air and this device is most effective in helping to reduce skin's redness in just one time use.

In overall, Talika Light Duo+ works in helping to smooth wrinkles, even in-depth, re-plumps the skin as it boosts collagen production, illuminates the complexion and restores radiance, and increases the penetration of active ingredients of your skincare products.

I was actually tempted to get my hands on this device but considering that it retails at S$575, I know that it will result in a big hole in my pocket. I need to save up first.

Anyways, if you are interested in Talika Light Duo+ and would love to see improvements in your skin conditions, Talika Light Duo+ can be purchased at Sephora stores in Singapore.

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