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Review: Facial at A&A Wellness Spa Salon

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I last blogged. Time flies when we get busy with work...

Since the last time I brought my sister to a facial session, she has been liking facials a lot, so this time round, I brought her to try out A&A Wellness Spa Salon which is located at Bugis, a central location that is convenient for everyone of us.

I got my sister to try out their V Carved Honour Combination facial treatment which promised to uplift and hydrate one's skin.

Upon reaching the location, we were greeted warmly by the lady boss and we were immediately led into the facial room for my sister to get changed into the gown.

The treatment began with the basic step of cleansing of the face. The therapist was delicate with her hands and she ensured that all dirt and impurities on the surface of the skin were cleansed off before moving on to the next step of masking.  

Before the mask, toner was applied to the skin. The hydration mask was then applied to the whole face to give the skin the water boost. The mask was initially watery in texture but as it hardened, it turned into jelly-like texture. I really like this kind of mask as it does not feel dry on the skin and it acts as a barrier to prevent the skin's moisture from evaporating into the air.

Here's the result of the skin after application of the hydrating mask. My sister's skin was indeed much hydrated.

Next, a facial mist was sprayed onto the skin. We were told that this facial mist consists of nano-molecules which could penetrate deep into the skin to hydrate the skin and it helps to lock in moisture. The mist was absorbed into the skin almost instantly, and no massaging was needed.  

After the mist was thoroughly absorbed by the skin, the skin is now well-hydrated and in a most suitable condition for the therapist to work on the uplifting procedure for the skin.

An ampoule was gradually applied to the skin, along with face massages to tone up the skin. The face massage was done to one side of the face first so that we could see the before and after effect. The massage for one side of the face took quite a long time, approximately 25 minutes, working from the neck to the face, up till the eye area and the forehead.
On the area where the massage was done, my sister's skin did feel tighter and firmer and we were pretty impressed by the result.

After massage for the whole face was done, the therapist applied a second mask. The therapist told us that when the mask dries up, it will tighten the skin and gives the skin an uplift effect.

Upon application of the second mask, it initially seemed like a layer of smooth, baby-looking skin on top of the actual skin but when it dries up, it gave a little tight feeling on the skin.

After the mask dries up:
I know this looks terrible, like an aged skin but we were told not to worry, as it will not leave fine lines or wrinkles on the skin.

A third mask was then applied on top of the second mask. This mask has hydrating and whitening properties. It felt icy cool on the skin and we were told that it can help to minimize the appearance of pores as well.

After the mask dries up into a jelly-texture, the mask was peeled off and we noticed that there were droplets of water on the skin. My sister's skin felt really hydrated after the third mask.

The remains of the mask were thoroughly cleansed off the skin,  and moisturiser and the face mist were then applied to the skin and the treatment was completed!

The final result of my sister's skin after the facial treatment.

After the treatment, we were treated to a packet of biscuits and a cup of ginger tea which the lady boss boiled it herself.

If you are interested in this treatment, I have included the price of the treatment and the address of the salon below.

Price of V Carved Honour Combination facial treatment: S$188

233B Victoria Street, (S)188026

Thanks for reading! :)

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