Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review and LOTD with Brigitte Cosmetics!

Brigitte new collection - Romatic Prologue launched!
There are just so many wonderful products with gorgeous packaging to get me gaga-ing over and over again.

I had used these Brigitte cosmetics to create my LOTD.

The first product I am introducing is the Brigitte Romantic Eyelash in No. 13 Venus (S$18.90). Each pack comes with 2 pairs of false lashes. No. 13 Venus consists of volume lash at the outer corner of the eye to let you have deep and charming eyes.

Brigitte false lash is one of my favourite in the market as it is thinner and lighter than other regular false lashes in the market. Made of extra fine hairs, it creates that charming big eyed doll look without adding any stress and discomfort to my eyes.

Used on my eyelids is the Brigitte Romantic Eyes Eyeshadow in GD-1 (S$27.90). The eyeshadow consists of a highlighter and other 3 different shades of brown, making it versatile in the creations of day and night looks with one palette.

Allow me to show you how glittery and gorgeous the shades of this palette are. (Click on the images for larger view.)

I love how fine the glitter are and it stays on my eyelid the whole day without having the glitters falling all over my face or the colours fading away. The colours did not come on too strong with each application, which makes it easy to create the natural eye makeup look and when you want to have a higher contrast and high definition eye makeup, you can always just add on the darker shade gradually and you get the smokey eye finish.

Used on my cheeks is Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks in OR-1 (S$18.90). A good blend of 3 tones marble blush to bring out that rosy dewy look.

A clearer look at the blend of 3 different tones in the image below. (Click on the images for larger view.)

As you can see from the images above, the creamy blusher comes with fine glitters in it, giving the cheeks a more defined appearance and the face a more 3-Dimensional illusion. The peachy shade of this blush comes on lightly on the skin and almost not visible to the eyes from afar, yet it is able to create a glow on the skin as if the skin is naturally glowing with radiance.  

Moving on to contouring the face with Brigitte Nudie Contrast Powder in OC-1 (S$25.90). The magical highlight powder accentuates your best feature instantly.

A clearer look of the shades of this contrast powder. (Click on the images for larger view.)

I used the peachy shade highlight on my cheeks and the white highlight on my forehead and chin to accentuate my features and give my look a complete finish. Although glitters could be observed but the ultra-fine glitters did not make my face look too glittery or unnatural.

In this Brigitte new collection, there is also the Brigitte Fantastic Deep Mascara in BK-1 Deep Brown (S$28.90).

This mascara comes with a special shaped brush but because the bristles are too far apart, I find it difficult to evenly coat the mascara on my lashes and the awkward brush shape makes it difficult to reach the roots of my lashes. When applying the mascara, I also find it difficult to get the brown shade to surface on the top of my lashes. The brown shade is really nice but the product is not functional for me. 

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Signing off with a last photo of my LOTD with Brigitte Cosmetics! :)
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