Monday, December 9, 2013

Event: Forbidden Beauty by Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie

Majolica Majorca Unveils Chapter 39 ‘Pure Play’ and Ma Cherie Introduces Limited Edition ‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance’ in ‘Forbidden Beauty’.

In the wintery world of ‘Forbidden Beauty’ where specially handcrafted glitter birch branches lay, snowflakes of various crystal shapes fell, and silver stars hung; Majolica Majorca unveiled its winter collection, Chapter 39 ‘Pure Play’, together with its final 10th anniversary limited edition compact palette, ‘The Little Humming Book IV’; while Ma Cherie introduced its limited edition ‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance’.

Majolica Majorca spotted several trends this Winter 2013, which are characterized by elements of playfulness and pureness. Having natural makeup with a contrast is gaining popularity and the season also calls for prominence in using colour and texture on the lips to create contrast with beautiful and bright skin.

Taking the trends into consideration, Majolica Majorca launched its Chapter 39 titled 'Pure Play' which consists of bold and rich-toned colour to accentuate the feminine eyes and lip features and the makeup to create a pure and natural finishing.  

For the eye's provoking look, this Majolica Majorca collection sees the introduction of the seasonal limited-edition coloured Lash Expander Edge Meister 17 mascara.

This mascara consists of blue lame specks to give a beautiful blue glittery stardust-like finishing on your lashes. This waterproof mascara consists of 4mm jet black long fibers and liquid lengthening base that smoothly coats each lash to give a voluminous effect, along with the signature duo comb which reaches even the shortest lashes.

Retail price: S$25.90

For the skin's pure texture, the limited edition Little Humming Book IV is being introduced. It comes in a book with this chapter's beautiful musical notes. 

This makeup palette can be used as an eyeshadow palette to brighten the eye area or as a highlighting powder to give a beautiful finish. The compact palette can be applied lightly over the face to add shimmer to it and it also helps to cover the pores while eliminating sebum for a long-lasting refreshing and pure finishing.

Retail price: S$25.90

For the lips, Rouge Majex is introduced. This Rouge Majex contains 70% of ingredients that are moisturizing for the lips and comes in two mesmerizing forbidden red shades for plump and juicy lips.

Retail price: S$17.50

Not forgetting fragrance, Majolica Majorca comes up with Majoromantica P and Majoromantica Meltysnow Hand Cream.
Majoromantica P has a scent of citrus, red fruits and concentrated flowers, ending with a vanilla and musky scent. The round wand applicator helps to hold the liquid well so that it does not drip all over. This product gives a sweet and mysterious scent.

Retail price: S$25.90

Majoromantica Meltysnow Hand Cream contains moisturizing ingredients such as raspberry extract and rose extract and blends in with your skin for a silky smooth finishing touch, without leaving any sticky feeling.

Retail price: S$10.50

The "Pure Play" collection is sold exclusively to selected Watsons stores from 7 November 2013 onwards.

Next, we were introduced to Ma Cherie’s limited edition ‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance’.

Ma Cherie’s limited edition ‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance’ not only prevents and eliminates odours, it also hydrates hair cuticles. Adding on to its distinct romantic floral and fruity fragrance, this hair fragrance embodies the scent of the Ma Cherie winter flower with green apple, red apple, pear, lychee top notes; and davana and rose for middle notes.”

Comparing to the fragrance of the previous version of the Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance.

An overall summary of this Ma Cherie Winter version hair fragrance.

Retail price: S$16.90

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