Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bellabox Beauty Retreat (November)

November's Bellabox comes in a beautifully designed tote to contain all the beauty items for this month! How special is this!

Here are the items in November's Bellabox which included a number of retail sized items. This month's Bellabox caught me by surprise as there are many items that I truly enjoy using.

1. LyncaCare Mineral True Colors, 5ml/ S$29.90
A multipurpose cosmetics this is! This silky smooth pigment is an all-in-one makeup colour for this lips, eyes, cheeks, nails, hair and body. It can be used individually or as an enhancer for other cosmetics.
The powder is fine in texture, making it easy to stay on the skin, and the glittering effect isn't overpowering. It creates a gentle glowing effect on a person's skin that is comfortable for daily use as a highlighter to the lips, eyes and face.

2. Bellabox Pout Pencil - Pinky Promise for Lips, 2.4g/S$17.80 
This highly pigmented hot pink lip crayon is enriched with Vitamin E and Beeswax for a smooth and hydrated pout. This long-lasting shade is all you need for a classic bella fun time. Pinky promise!
This is the full length of the pout pencil: 

Here's the swatch of the pinky pout pencil taken without flash and with flash respectively.
This colour is great for the festive seasons and it creates a pop on a person's overall makeup appearance with its fuchsia shade that stands out. I'm a person who likes the natural look, so I won't foresee myself using this colour any time soon unless I decide to be more daring that day.

3. Covermark Mineral Wash, 125g/S$50
A foaming face wash that works just like a clay mask, this gentle skincare solution as formulated with less destructive ingredients as compared with other facial washes to effectively remove dirt and grease on your skin.
A cleanser that feels gentle on my skin and cleanses away dirt and grease well.

4. Covermark Eyeshadow Palette, 3-Colour Set S$36, 4-Colour Set S$52
Brighten and illuminate your peepers with colours that shine with luxurious lustre! Create a casual day look to a glamour puss look with its versatile light to dark shades that will last all day and all night long.
The shade I had is 02.
I love the combination of colours chosen for this palette. With these colours, it is so easy to create versatile eye makeup looks with these beautiful colours that blend so well with each other, be it day look or night look. This palette is truly awesome!

5. Twistband Hair Ties, Set of 3/S$10.95
For too long women have suffered elastic and plastic hair ties that pinch, dig and pull out our hair! Not to mention it leaves unsightly bumps and kinks where we don't want them. Twistband Hair Ties are made of soft elastic that keeps your hair out of your eyes in the most comfortable, chic way you've ever had. They are so cute, they can easily double as bracelets!
This twistband is a real love! No more dents in the hair or even tugging and pulling of hairs when removing rubberbands! 

6. Covermark Lather Net, S$12
Take a step further using this special accompanying lather net with the Covermark mineral wash to produce the most effective froth for a softer and smoother complexion!
This lather net is fun and easy to use, creating tiny, gentle foams to cleanse dirt away from the skin and pores.

7. Covermark Moisture Veil LX Foundation, 8g/S$70
It's one thing when it's a foundation that covers up your imperfection, but it's another thing when it's foundation that offers oil-free coverage with hydrating and SPF 32 PA+++ protection properties! This is the foundation that promise to create a flawless complexion under and over your skin surface!
There are various shades available and you will definitely be able to find one that matches closely to your skin tone. Personally, I like the coverage provided by this foundation but towards mid-day, my pores were quite visible and the foundation sunk into my fine lines, making my fine lines seem "louder" and more visible. Not sure if it will work well for you instead?

That's all we have for November Bellabox. :)

Monthly subscription is S$19.95, more information at Bellabox website:

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  1. Loved the shade of pout pencil! Palette looks cool too! Tote looks gd too:)

    1. Hi Shivi,

      The shade of the pout pencil too bright for me but I do love the palette and tote too! <3



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